Jaw Problems

Ugh, Im sorry to bother everyone again. I have been going through some trouble. For the past few weeks the right side of my jaw pops all day but gets worse at night. It feels tighter right now and its kinda sore to move. What could be going on? Does this cause vertigo?

That’s debatable, as in there’s a bunch of debate. I’ve got TMJD. I don’t think it contributes to my MAV issues, except that stiffness in my head can trigger migraine. There are specialist massage techs that do intraoral work. My jaw is too far gone to risk it, but if yours still pops you could try to find one of those.

Ok, this is a very recent problem of mine which is discouraging. Thank you for your input.

It’s possible you’re stressing and grinding or clenching your teeth at night. That can cause your symptoms.

I think thats whats happening but it is not getting any better yet. Hopefully soon!

Go get one of those grocery store mouth guards and use it for a week. See if it helps. If so, get your dentist to make you one that fits better.

Thank you for the suggestion! I always appreciate it.

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The dentist will charge a fortune for the night guard. Once you get one guard it with your life.

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My husband has used the same one for about 12 years.

Popping or clicking?

Yup, Dentists charge a fortune. I got a guard for mine which cost a fortune and it actually made it worse in my case . So I gave up on it and the TMJ improved in any case but mainly because I followed some useful rules.

If it’s TMJ you need professional advice but the advice these days is conservative:

  • Don’t let it ‘click’ if you can help it
  • Do not bite food for a while. Cut things up into small pieces and chew only.
  • Do not bite your nails
  • Avoid tough food like steak
  • Rest your jaw between meals and don’t fiddle with it. Leave you mouth slightly open and relaxed.
  • If really sore and ‘spasmy’ eat liquidised food for a few weeks (yes weeks!) until it calms down

Amitriptyline is known to be a useful drug to help your jaw relax and reduces pain. (That was easy, I already had a prescription lol)

Btw I believe this is muscle strain issue coming with a neurological challenge. What might have happened is a muscle has changed its properties and you have to relearn to align your jaw. For most people this happens naturally over time if you take basic care. (older people may be less lucky)

I read it can take up to 3 years for it to get fully better. I think that’s about right from my experience. Don’t panic. It gets better. Mine used to dislocate nearly every night lol. I can finally eat steak again.

I don’t believe TMJ has anything to do with vertigo or MAV in general except that possibly the additional stress of the condition might have helped trigger a jaw muscle spasm in the first place. So the causative direction is the other way imho. In my case I triggered it from the ‘relaxation’ aka muscle clenching exercises my psycho therapist gave me. Very good for relaxation until your jaw goes into spasm!!

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TMJ = Too Much Jaw-Use :slight_smile:

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