Joint pain and propranolol


I’ve been suffering from weird joint pain in my right thumb for the last 45 days or so, it is excruciatingly painful requiring ibuprofen 400 mg immediately. No injury has occurred to my knowledge. The pain feels like arthritis pain, like two bones are rubbing against each other. The pain used to travel up into the arm and right shoulder. After tinkering with my meds i found that discontinuing propranolol reduced the intensity of the pain; so im wondering if propranolol is to blame for joint pain? I have switched to atenolol to check if my suspicions are correct.

Current medication
Fluoxetine 20 mg
Atenolol 50 mg
B complex multivitamin

Any thoughts?

I am not aware of joint pain from propranolol. I’m currently nursing a weird pain in the inside of my right elbow, I think they call it golfer’s elbow, anyways I suspect I did something at the gym but I can’t figure out what. Persistent thing.

I bet it’s just a coincidence, maybe it was some random movement you made that you can’t remember. Have you been icing it? A thumb/wrist brace might be good to remind yourself not to use it much while it heals. I think that’s the issue with my elbow, I keep using it and bothering it because I forget.

There are some reports of this happening although quite rare-