Joy, didn’t you start a new preventative? How’s it going? we DEMAND a minute by minute update ! :wink:


egad! Was this directed to me?? Sorry I didn’t notice it. I’ve undoubtedly answered already …

The big question is how is YOUR new treatment going, Julie?? Is it still giving you that incredible burst of energy? Still helping your puppy?

Hi Joy,

thanks for asking :slight_smile:

Yea! My 15 year old puppy with a heart murmur - not only doesn’t she cough anymore, but I took her into the vet and she has no murmur audible.

My cat with Bartonella who would kill rather than take antibiotics (i mean that literally). She has an IQ higher than mine (okay, there’s your door, c’mon in) and she has her ways. I took her to the vet - Bartonella is gone gone gone!

I, at 2-1/2 weeks on this stuff (and you’re not supposed to feel any improvement until at least 4) had a real nice drop in symptoms, so much so that I’ve been able to up my activity and do some things I haven’t been able to do in…let’s see how long has it been??? And I just feel so much more comfortable all the time - it’s like a load being lifted.

The woman with MS (someone I know, not some teary, testimonial actress) told me she felt her first feelings of relief at 4 weeks, again at 8 weeks and was symptom free at 12 weeks. Her MRI shows no lesions. So i’m ahead of schedule.

My husband is taking it too and he has an appt to have his labs drawn at the 4 week spot. I’ll be back to you about that. Jana, my closest friend, the woman who sold it to me faxed me her labs, along with her prior labs and they were awesome regarding cholesterol, HDL, LDL, BS, trigerlycerides, T3, T4, TSH.

Oh, here’s a funny story, one of her friends is taking it. He used to be gray and bald. His hair is coming back and it’s coming back dark brown!

All too good to be true? sure is! But it’s true!

Julie :smiley:

Hey Julie -

What is it that you have begun taking if you don’t mind me asking? I haven’t been checking in very much and just saw this post.

I start with the Migraine Program this week. My compounded supplements will be arriving hopefully Wednesday… I’m excited and scared at the same time! Excited that this could be the answer and scared that it might not be. I will fill everyone in when I have something to share about my experience. Please say a prayer for me!

Hope all is well -


Hi Molly!

I’m real excited for you - i know you’ve become the new “guinea pig” for the Migraine Program.

I had another significant drop in symptoms today. This is happening much faster than I had hoped. I’ve taken an intellectually-stimulating project that keeps me up way past my bedtime :slight_smile: My MAV was so intractable, I thought I would never see the day. I can easily see myself at 100% in another month, or two at most.

Below is everything I know about the product I’m taking. I’ll start with the science and end with the story the lead up to the discovery:

How Alfa PXP nourishes every cell in your body…

Every cell in our body carries out its various jobs fueled by the foods we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. These are all considered nutrients, and can be subdivided into two categories, micronutrients, which we need in relatively small quantities: vitamins, and minerals, as well as macronutrients, which we need in relatively large quantities: water, oxygen, proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Alfa PXP supplies us with carbohydrates in the form of mechanically hydrolyzed α-polysaccharide peptides. In addition, PXP contains all the essential amino acids, (making it a complete protein), all of the essential fatty acids (GLA, ALA, LA, SDA, EPA, DHA, and AA) except for two, as well as an abundance of vitamins and minerals, via the addition of Spirulina.

Let’s talk about α-polysaccharide peptides.

As you can see, the cell membrane has pores in it along with an active transport system which allows particular atoms and molecules to pass through it. Most foods we eat must be metabolized before passing through the cell membrane. This requires energy in the form of stored ATP. Using nanotechnology, α-polysaccharide peptides have been mechanically hydrolyzed to monosaccharides which easily pass through all cell membranes without the need to go through the usual metabolic pathways.

The mitochondrion (the powerhouse of the cell) have a double membrane and an active transport system, which selectively allows what molecules pass through it. One type of molecule it allows through are monosaccharides, where the last step of their metabolism takes place via the Krebs cycle. Here, the energy, which is held within the bonds between the atoms of each molecule, is converted into packets of energy - ATP. ATP is then released into the cell where, again via the Krebs cycle, its energy is released so that the cell can perform its various duties, the most important of which is cell up-keep – maintaining individual cell health.

EDIT: Holy Kripes I found a big Dopamax moment in the above paragraph. I fixed it.

Since hydrolyzed α-polysaccharide peptides are able to pass freely across the cell wall as well as into the mitochondrion to finish metabolism, all without using stored ATP, the net result is the production of approximately 36 ATP. In contrast, in its non-hydrolyzed state, α-polysaccharide peptides produce 1 ATP.

Alfa PXP provides each cell with an enormous surplus of energy, energy which it is able to put to use to do the work of healing.

**The Story Behind Alfa PXP…
The Health Minister of Thailand reached out to the owner of a cereal company, a friend, asking for help. He needed a cereal which would feed Thailand’s hungry, malnourished population. The company’s owner said he would, but on two conditions: 1) The government would support the project monetarily, which the cereal company would match and 2) the cereal company would manage the people; the government would stay out of it.

The company brought scientists in from Switzerland, Germany and Holland to collaborate with their own Thai scientists in developing a nutritious cereal.

The scientists looked at over 3,000 varieties of rice and selected three strains: specific strains of brown rice, short grain rice and fragrant rice.

At last, they developed an α-polysaccharide peptide and started feeding their cereal to the people. To their surprise, approximately nine months later, in 1994, they started receiving thank you letters with testimonials of people with arthritis, MS, psoriasis, Parkinson’s’ disease, and many other illnesses, who were getting relief from their illnesses!

The team of scientists was called back pronto to see what was going on with their discovery!

Their investigational approach took two lines of study: 1) What happened in the body when people ate the cereal? 2) What did the cereal look like at the molecular level?

What they found was that because of the size and shape of the molecule about 40% of it was being used by each cell. One of the scientists made an ingenious intuitive leap and mused about what would happen if they made their α-polysaccharide peptide smaller.

In 1998, using nanotechnology and mechanical hydrolysis, a revolutionary super-fuel was produced for the first time – the α-polysaccharide peptide was reduced to 250 microns. By 2006 they had reduced it to 40-50 microns.

What this means is that the body can take in more nutrient without having to metabolize it first. In its original form, α-polysaccharide peptides supplies the cell with net ATP (energy packets) = 1. In it’s hydrolyzed form, Alfa PXP supplies the cell with net ATP = 38. This is an enormous surplus of energy for each cell in the body to do it’s various jobs, one of which is cell up-keep, the job of healing.

I’ll fill you in on what you may have missed out on in other posts. You won’t find any research on this product on line. The only thing you’ll find are some lousy websites built by distributors who don’t have a good understanding of the product. I actually wrote the copy above, after talking to one of the company scientists. He apologized for not being able to tell me much because…the product is new to the US, they have no patent. They want no patent because they don’t want pharmaceuticals seeing what they are doing - when they do get their hands on it, the will corrupt the pure product they sell, add their pharmaceutical stuff to it and it will end up junk with SEs. As well, they want to keep the FDA out of it. Lastly, they don’t need to patent it - it’s selling like crazy by word of mouth. Once you see the healing it does, it speaks for itself. I was sold by the stories of people I know, but when my own dog was cured of her heart murmur in three days, that really blew me away. I told the company doctor this story and he wasn’t surprised. He told me, yes, it works much faster in animals, they’re bodies haven’t been as exposed to quite as many environmental toxins as ours have.

Molly, i know you’ll keep us posted on your Migraine Program! Good Luck and stay in touch!


Hi Julie,

So do you really think this stuff is working for you? I’ll fall over if you hit 100% and then I’ll order a barge-full of it to park in Sydney harbour.

I’m going to have another read of it all.

Great that we have so many guinea pigs going on. That’s the beauty of this forum. Sooner or later someone will hit the jackpot.

Scott 8)

Hey again Julie,

So where does one go to get this stuff? And how much are you supposed to take? Is it expensive … easily available? I wonder if I can get it shipped to Australia?


S 8)

Molly - Good luck with the migraine program!! I am really really hoping and praying it goes well for you.

Scott - From what I understand, the Alfa PXP product is only available in certain countries at the moment. I don’t know if Australia is one of them. I know I am not allowed to buy it in the UK. Julie will be able to explain more.


Becky is right, US is newly open and there are only five other countries open. Australia is not one of them. But if it gets me to 100%, i’ll re-label it and ship it to all you guys! :smiley:

Do I expect it? I’ve tried so many preventatives, it’s hard to continue to be hopeful, but this is the second drop in symptoms i’ve had in just two weeks. What a great experience that is. And with each drop I find more of my old life sneaking back in. I’m watching movies with my husband. I’m reading in bed at night (lying in bed!) I’m using my mind creatively!

All the stories I tell are from people I know first hand, or customers of Jana - and my own dog.

Like I said, it’s too good to be true, yet it is. I keep saying, I think somebody had a spark of intuitive genius and we are looking at the future in this product.

BTW these improvements are coming while lowering the dosages of my preventatives - I’m off neurontin, i’ve been lowering Topamax for awhile, i was too high to begin with - I should be down to 25 in a week, where I’ll hold until i feel 100%)


Wow - that sounds amazing. Wish I had tried that before I shelled out 2 grand! Please keep updating all that you are feeling. I am fascinated!

There is hope!


Molly, your program is proven also. My product has an affinity for the nervous system and has cured 70-75% of migraine sufferers. Your program may actually give you better chances since it’s actually geared toward migraine.

BTW - i’m not sure i’ve mentioned, if I don’t reach 100% i do get 100% of my money back. This company is very confident in their product because they have also seen, with their own eyes, what it can do.

I promise to keep you posted if you’ll do the same. Good luck Molly!


I’m thinkin we need more “how do we get this stuff” details, Julie. Please please Pleeeeeeez??? I tried some internet sleuthing and couldn’t find much more than sites pushing for people to sell the product. I did finally find one site from a Mexican guy/vendor … which leads me to believe I probably won’t be able to afford it … but I’m still really curious.

I’m cynical by nature, so I just KNOW there’s a bad side to this stuff :mrgreen: Do you glow in the dark yet? Are you craving human flesh or anything like that? Have your toes turned green?

— Begin quote from “joy”

I’m cynical by nature, so I just KNOW there’s a bad side to this stuff :mrgreen: Do you glow in the dark yet? Are you craving human flesh or anything like that? Have your toes turned green?

— End quote

The price is the bad side… :wink:

I’ll PM you the price list. Molly said it was comparable to the monthly fee for the Migraine Program.


I’m sorry, Joy, that you had to waste all that time searching. I did sign on as a distributor so that i can get the wholesale price, as it seems that I’m likely to be taking it for the rest of my life. Unless, if something Hain said is true, no migraine ever lasted forever (???)

So for the rest of you - I asked Scott’s permission before posting anything about this product. I’m not pushing it and i’m not trying to sell it so i don’t feel comfortable posting prices publically, but if anyone wants anymore information, just PM me.


Oh no! I like Internet Sleuthing. In my job I sometimes have to track down photos of people & bios … it’s fun to amaze my boss.

Shame we can’t just run down to the local drug store & pick up a free sample!

I could send you a free sample :slight_smile: in a goldfish

me & my big mouth … ew. Me thinks I’ll pass.

i figured as much :mrgreen:


Go ahead and post the pricing of this stuff. I think everyone is interested in knowing how much they want for it – especially if it works. I have seen something online that looked very pricey for what appeared to be a small amount. I gotta say, it smells fishy, but I’m keeping an open mind.

Best … Scott