What kind of juice can I have?
Nothing citrus, I need to increase my calories. Apple? Grape?
Any ideas?

I believe you can have apple, grape, cranberry just not citrus.

I have just found Minute Made Apple Cranberry Raspberry Juice, read the label, doesn’t sound like anything on the do not list the only other ingredient is pear juice and it’s very yummy! I still haven’t been able to get the copy of the book, will have to order it from Amazon, but going by the short list I was given by Dr. Rausch, I think we can have all this stuff.

Smoxignal, my doc warned me off raspberry while I try to eliminate possible triggers.

I only prefer to drink fruits and vegetable juice like kiwi ,carrots,pomegranate.

My Hopkins doc also warned me off bananana and mango, BTW–any tropical fruits.