Julia333's success story

Amazing Julia! welldone you! How much Propranolol do you take?

I am currently on 160mg SR capsules. I oringally started on 80mg SR for two weeks then went up to 160mg. It took about three weeks from starting the propranolol for my dizziness to go. I still suffer with daily head pressure mainly in the back of my head with other migraine symptoms. I have been on propranolol for about 2 months.

Wow! I have been on propranolol for 2 months and no luck yet! May you have alot of health and happiness from here on Julia! xx

Thankyou!! I hope you have success with the propranolol, it’s all guess work with migraine. This migraine malarky is rubbish :(. What dose of propranolol are you on?

Hi guys,

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Julia – what a great outcome. It sounds like you took the info you found here and turned it into real results. Brilliant. I hope you are able to knock out the last headache parts. Perhaps there is still another trigger you have not yet discovered.

S 8)

Thanks Scott, just have to keep truding on and persevering with different meds, sure I will get there eventually. I would just like to say how excellent this forum is.

I’m on 40mg - 20 in the morn and 20 in the evening… thats the highest my neuro wanted me to go x

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I’m on 40mg - 20 in the morn and 20 in the evening… thats the highest my neuro wanted me to go x

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WTC, that sounds like a very low dose. Is he keeping you low because of side effects?

normal dose for younger patients apparently… she is keeping me at that because she said it shouldn’t take any more than that… apparently. Also i have low BP yep

interesting, because I am also still at that dose of prop but thought it was to low to have any positive effect on the MAV

No not at all, it all just depends on what each person needs. You have to give it a while to take hold with propranolol