Just a vent

I have had the flu for a mo. now. I am taking antibiotic to ward off pneumonia. I am on a zpac and it makes me feel yucky. The real problem is my balance is the worst its ever been. I sway back and forth, thats never happened before. I wonder if the zpac is causing me these problems. I am feeling depressed as I have never been this bad before. I am having a hard time tolerating migraine preventives. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to tolerate any med, and have it work for me. Its scary to be this way. I hope the worst goes away soon, sometimes it feels like it will always be this way.



Sorry to hear that things are going rough for you. I hate the flu for the same reason that you mention. I usually end up crawling to get around off and on for the first three days. A month? Wow, I hope that you feel better soon.

From what I have read, and experienced, most people take a while before they find a preventative med that causes fewer side effects than what they are trying to prevent. Gabopentine (sp?) gave me a constant headache and left me feeling stoned. Topomax gave me body cramps, a very short fuse and fatigued, to name the worst. The new one that I am trying, Depakote, has turned my daily tension headaches into a mild migraine (at least it fits the discription) daily, but my balance and dizziness are much better, I am experiencing less floor rocking and other vertigo.

From reading your posts on trying Depakote, I thought I would try it too. I keep watch on what your doing because it helps me try and move forward with the next med. My mother is on this med and she is doing well. Thanks so much for your encouragement. I stopped the zpac and feel better today, well at least this afternoon. I went to askapatient to get their take and saw some say they suffered awful dizziness on the zpac.

Thanks again Brian