Just Diagnosed

Hi there

I am new to the site and thought it was interesting to hear how other people feel and have found that it helps to know that other people know how you feel. I have been dignosed with Migrane and have been getting the symptoms for 2 months, my neorologist did not specify MAV, but I am having the symtoms of vertigo. Whenever I move my head I get a heavy headed feeling and just feel so dizzy. Just wondered how other people cope with normal life, as it is stopping me from doing the things I would normally do and has affected my work, so much so that I am reducing my hours at work to try to help. It just gets you down after a while, especially when the medication side effects can make you feel worse. Any advice would be good…

sorry to hear you have joined the group…but it is a great support site. I think we all just do our best depending on the day, and with any luck, find a medication that helps to reduce symtoms. The book
Heal Your Headache was very informative for me. In some ways you can say the only thing consistant about this migraine stuff is it’s inconsistancy. Are you open to trying medication? I personally tried to forgo
drugs for a long time and finally gave in as the condition eventually wore down my quality of life…mood…sleep etc…doing about 75-80% better than my worst.
Good luck and I"m open to any questions you have on PM…

Hi Rachael and welcome!

Truthfully, I find it very difficult to cope with this. The hardest part for me is never knowing when a severe vertigo attack is coming. I get no warning at all. I’ve have motion problems most of my life and over the last 3 years I’ve also have vertigo problems. You will find a wide variety of symptoms and severity here. So far I have been able to continue working but there are days when I feel so sick that I wonder how I will make it until 5:00.

What meds have you tried?

I have tried amitriptyline, but it made me feel worse so the doctor took me off it straight away and I am now taking propranolol, my neurologist has increased the dose so I am now taking 160mg daily, I am hoping this will help. Well I think it might be helping the headaches, but it is difficult to tell as I have been getting headaches quite randomly. I dont think it is helping the dizzy head though at the moment - fingers crossed. I am also taking the herbal remedy feverfew, as I was told this can help. Just really want to be feeling normal again!

Racheal, I hope you have success with propranalol. I tried amitrip’s cousin, nortriptyline but only lasted one month as it gave me such terrible insomnia. And that’s supposed to one of the easier drugs to tolerate.

I sure know what mean when you say you just want to feel normal again!!!