Just finishing Oliver Sacks' Migraine, and

…the last section is blowing my mind. It has to do with hallucinations and form constants in migraines, and I am sitting there thinking “oh my god, this explains me PERFECTLY!” It shouldn’t feel like such a big deal, but I have been to countless doctors over the years and every single one when trying to describe my visual issues would just look at me quizzically and then shrug their shoulders. Anyone else read this book and experience these types of visual hallucinations? I have always felt so alone about this.

Ive read the book, I think it’s a great book also. I don’t really suffer with the more unusual side of migraine I tend to only get run of the mill migraine stuff. My mum gets visual aura though with hers and she thought some of the art work in the book was really accurate. I think it’s a great read I feel like Oliver Sacks is one of those people that totally understand the migraine population. Thank goodness for people like Oliver Sacks!

interesting - I’ve only ever had the classic aura type visual symptoms. Just found this on youtube and it depicts exactly what mine is like and it also lasts half an hour:


I had my first aura this evening since getting MAV symptoms more than a year ago - had about half or dozen or so about twice a year preceeding this.
I started adding low dose Gabapentin at the weekend so am wondering if this has triggered it, but it’s odd as I had one of my best days in ages today and once the aura clears I’m back to my normal baseline.

Mine are shaped like this: microscopy-uk.org.uk/mag/img … g5bd23.jpg

The glimmery, translucent aspect and the march of their bubbling and changing in size is so well depicted in the book too! I was shocked to find pictures like these that so well illustrate the shape that my auras are built on. I’ve even made drawings and artwork based on my auras, because they are so pretty sometimes. I just wish they weren’t there, you know, ALL the time and joined by vertigo, headaches, and nausea :evil: