Just found a new trigger? Edamame beans?

First time eating edamame beans–a type of soybean, I guess–and only an hour or two later, very SUDDENLY I’m dizzy.

In the last few months I’ve been feeling very good, steady-headed, considerably less dizzy than usual (why I don’t know, possibly use of 400 mg B-2), and today was an even better day for strength and steadiness than usual. Then all of a sudden, my head is whooshing around and I have that odd slight headache after eating the beans in that veggie dish.

My only other possible food trigger so far might be MSG. I’m not even sure about that.

Anyone else have edamame beans as a trigger??


I like them, but have stayed away, per doctor’s orders.

Edamame beans are soy…soy is estrogenergic (is that a word lol?) But what I mean by that, is you increase estrogens through eating soy. My friend gets migraines and her doctor told her to take soy. She’s 47. Been taking them for years and it works great. By the way, what works for one, is another’s nightmare…as we know.
dont know if that means anything, but just thought I’d throw it out there.

I thought you had to avoid any type of bean or pea/peapod on the MAV diet?
I think soy flour is possibly ok for some people but not any other soy product or bean.