Just found out I'm pregnant... Scared!

Hi all,

I’ve had MAV for 2 years and was slowly getting my life back again. I’ve just found out that I’m pregnant and whilst wanting to be excited, I can’t help but living in fear of how ill be now I’m having to come off gabapentin and pizotifen. I’m also frightened about being a good mum with this awful condition. Ive heard that mav sufferers are protected during pregnany, but what if thats not the case for me? Can anyone give me some words of advice? Freaking out!

i know u can be on certain meds during pregnancy- do u definitely have to stop taking yours? How well do they make you feel now in terms of %? I can’t speak personally but it seems like sometimes pregnancy can make things worse or better…hopefully others will chime in here…

I’m probably 90% good! Or was!! I have been advised my consultant to come off both my drugs… Here’s to me being in the category that feels even better!

how long have u been on both drugs for? sometimes when people come off they stay good so that is a possibility too.