Just had Botox

So I just had Botox for migraines done. Right now I have a slight headache and achiness at the injection sites. It was very stressful (I think I was more worked up about this than my brain surgery!). Lets hope it offers some relief. Of course I was bad and looked up all the potential side effects, so now it’s a matter of forcing myself to relax. I will let you all know how it goes and what happens.

Oooh, exciting! I hope that it works for you and do please keep us posted. Dr Silver mentioned Botox to me. Got the impression he rated it. Whereabouts did you have the injections? How many? If the meds don’t work for me in the long run I would try the Botox. I would be asking for a few extra injections into my wrinkly forehead haha! 36 trying to look 26!!
Kathy x x