**Just learning about migraine related vertigo**

Much research online has brought this condition to my attention and I am very happy to be learning about it. !

Vertigo (room spinning) has been problem for me for quite a while. At first I had one attack a year and blamed ear infection.

But then two or three tims a year and then about once a month. No hearing loss, thank goodness.

I have had migraine common about three a week for years, years, and years! No auras, thank goodness. But Pain. Throbbing pain. :x

Despite neurologists, intern, psychiatrist, cardiologists—no definitive answer re vertigo. :!:

Recently began regular beta blocker and noticed if I took extra beta blaocker the vertigo improved. So I thought, “Hmmmm…?” and became curious once again and researched.

So I have found this site. I have not discussed this finding with any dr as yet. Still finding this all new…and interesting.

Raven :slight_smile: (that is my screen name)

Beta blockers are one type of MAV treatment, so if you’ve improved on this, then MAV can definitely be considered a diagnosis in your case. Other medications that can be tried are calcium channel blockers and Epilim, an epilepsy medication.

That’s great news re. the beta blocker. I actually didn’t have any success with it even though it is considered to be one of the more “proven” migraine meds. Another that Vicki mentioned (Epilim) is Sodium Valproate, which is available anywhere in the world and is also a “proven” migraine med with a good track record although it has some unpleasant adverse effects if you’re unlucky.

I would highly recommend you try Verapamil… maybe discuss this with your doctor? It’s a calcium channel blocker and is very safe and considered first-line in migraine these days.


hey, thanks gang for replying so soon.
I , too, though that since the beta blocker seemed to help reduce the vertigo it might be migraine related.
I take beta blocker for mitral valve prolapse (cardiology) and it helps a little bit but I noticed that my migraines were greatly helped by the beta blocker 8)
The other meds are interesting. The calcium channel blo ker sounds helpful and I’ll discuss it with dr even though little interest is shown in my symptoms and I think drs believe it is all psychological or whatever.

Yes, Epilim is helping in my case. I started off at 200mg twice a day with almost zero side effects but had some breakthrough dizziness at ‘hormone’ time :x so this was increased to 500mg twice a day which has worked, so far the dizziness is 70-80% improved. I still have the occasional moment but I can live with it. The tinnitus is improved as well.

I have my fingers crossed this continues. My ENT said sometimes you take medication for MAV and it ‘re-sets’ things in your body so you can come off it with no problems.

I was also dreading menopause (I’m 46 years young) but my neurologist (a specialist in MAV) said that often this can actually help things.

Ahh…the things I’ve tried to beat this dizziness, I could write a book! But out of it all, I never imagined it would be diagnosed as migraine-related and I’d end up taking medication for epilepsy! :?:


It sounds as though you have some good doctors.

My vertigo attacks did seem to improve following menopause now that I think about it. They are not as severe anyway and do not last as long which used to be from five to eight hours after which I was very tired.

I am not familiar with the med you mentioned. Dr has never prescribed anything for the vertigo because no one seemed to know what it was caused by.

Raven :smiley: I am thankful and glad for this website.[/code]


Can you please keep us up to date on how you go with the Sodium Valproate (Epilim/Valpro here in Aus)?

It would be interesting to see if your dizziness/loss of balance resolves completely with time. Now might be a good time to do some VRT given that you are stable.