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Just started Propanolol

Has propranolol helped any of you? I got diagnosed with vestibular migraine a few days ago and just started 60mg of propranolol. How long until your symptoms improved?

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Did you search the site? Take a look at (and consider contributing to a topic on) #medication:beta-blockers

Good luck with the Prop.

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i tried Propranolol for a bit, around 4 weeks, it had no positive effect on anything but everyone is different. it actually caused some negative side effects. They started me on nortriptyline and is seemingly 30-40 percent better on average. Good luck.


Propranolol’s a slow worker. Four months’ might have given you good results. Also it’s very dose dependent. There is an actual kg/mg ratio equation @getbetter will remember it exactly. I slips my mind at this moment. Many people give up on it too soon or because they never reached a Sufficiently high dose to achieve any success. I found it stopped my attacks dead 100% from the start. I went over three years before another full on attack although it took eight months to even intermittently stop the 24/7 dizziness. To date so far no negative side effects and certainly no increased symptoms on titration.


I’m glad it worked for you, and also comforting to know I’m not the only one who experiences their dizziness 24/7. However the propranolol was causing some mild Nystigmus occasionally which freaked me out too much to continue taking it.

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This is more likely your symptoms not being under control rather than the Prop.

I switched from Prop to Ami and my eye issues went away. However existed before I took Propanolol.


With such things one can never say ‘never’ For sure but I think it most unlikely the Propranolol was the cause. Propranolol often cases problems such as low BP therefore fainting, breathlessness/tight chest/trouble breathing (asthmatics cant usually take beta blockers) and fatigue, depression even. It can have an adverse effect on diabetics. It does however have an excellent reputation for controlling photophobia stemming from migraine. I’d suspect your nystagmus was probably going to happen anyway. It’s a common enough MAV symptom unfortunately. And pretty horrible too I agree so can understand you quitting. A shame really because, like Amitriptyline, it is generally a successful preventative drug for MAV.

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How long until you saw positive results?

Obviously It was many months before I realised I hadn’t had another vertigo attack. In the year before starting meds I must have had maybe eight full on eight days vertigo attacks in bed unable to stand. I expect it was 12 months before the 24/7 dizziness stopped. Other symptoms very gradually reduced.

To anybody just starting it I’d say allow 2 months at least Before you expect to notice some minor improvements. Also to note it’s a drug you need to really hit maximum dose with before seeing results and starting the time clock towards the 2 months. In addition dosage is bodyweight dependent with Propranolol. Anything up to 240mg is in regular use for prevention. In some countries up to 360mg is offered. If nothing positive happens could be you have yet to reach high enough dose. It will work but you do need some patience. More patience than people these instant computerised days might deem possible. MAV’s chronic and persistent. I just read on another thread @turnitaround writes it’s atypical for it to stop in under three years.

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I see, glad it worked out for you!

And yeah I saw about the 3 years. That sounds horrible, I’ve had this for 10 months.

And I’ve had it for 16 years last month.

That sounds horrible.

Episodic not so bad. It clears between. Chronic (5 years) it dominates one’s life. With the female of the species hormones have a lot fir which to answer, not that they do.