Just wanted to send some ❤ and say ...

… running this site has been one of the most meaningful things I’ve done in my life.

MAV brought me here, but I’ve gained so much in a very surprising way.

Thank you for posting and sharing your experiences, that’s what makes this place work! :raised_hands:

Particular thanks to the regulars (you know who you are!) who reach out and help new members on a daily basis. :ambulance:

Take care you lot, hugs!!

And keep the faith - there is so much hope and you will get better! :rocket: :star2:: :dove:


thanks for running the site and for giving hope and encourage us to try all we can to get better :slight_smile:


James, thank you for running the forum and keeping the discussion alive. I know we all benefit from this, and it definitely helps me to know things will get better (and could always be worse). I’m sorry I don’t post more, but I’ve been a bit depressed, and hate to be a Negative Nancy about things. I do read the digest each week, and thoroughly enjoy the conversation. All of your hard work is very much appreciated!


James reminded me the other day that we all get depressed and negative sometimes. It’s ok. Talk to us anyway so we can share our love and support with you. We understand what you’re going thru. Let us take care of you when you’re weak. We all need to be on the receiving end of the love sometimes. Be welcome here in all your moods.