Keeping the fat kid out of the pool - not possible

Hi all,

Just going to have a little whinge here.

By the name of this topic I don’t mean to besmirch fat kids, just using Dr Rauch’s very neat analogy about migraine and swimming pools and how you can only control so much with lifestyle and medication but the fat kid has a mind of his own. Meaning, we migraineurs seem to need homeostasis. We need to keep the pool calm and level. But, and here’s my whinge, that just isn’t always possible.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Paris on holidays. I came down with a horrendous virus/bug thing my brother brought over from Ghana. Only a couple of hours before my symptoms hit I got struck by a NASTY migraine. Coincidence? I think not. Then about a week later (just under a week ago) I flew home to Australia, which took 30 hours and two nights. So jet lag has been pretty bad.

So for the last two weeks I’ve been getting MAV stuff. Not hideously bad, but uncomfortable wobbliness, head fog, dizziness, the cold fizz of anxiety in my chest and ongoing gut problems. If it doesn’t clear in the next day or so I’ll give in and have some Valium.

My theory is that the gut virus and the jet lag have upset my homeostasis and now I’m paying for it. My point is, while it is possible not to get jet lag (don’t travel) travel is one of my big passions and I’m not keen to give it up. And it would be great to have a cloak of immunity from viruses etc but I don’t want to live in a bubble either.

So CURSE the fat kid I say. Curse him and be gone!

Whinge over.

Given I have been travelling for 8 MONTHS and have had one good day in the last 2 months, I have really given my finger to the fat kid. Also starting to doubt I even have MAV given the total lack of efficacy of any meds I’ve been on at the mo!

You are brave Victoria to travel as I could not see myself doing that with this at all. I hardly go much as it is much less on a plane or to another country. But you are correct to continue living as the alternate is hard very hard for those of us who can not push through this …

My little fat kid behaves most of the time but then again I do not do much to provoke him at all. :cry:

Hi Vic,

Sorry to hear you’re being dragged through the MAV wringer again. I have to agree with you that jet lag and MAV are nasty. I’m getting all the fallout now. While things aren’t horrendous (I finally got to sleep last night after tripping out for hours), I woke today with neck pain and head fog that I haven’t seen for quite some time. The adjustment period is the worst when you travel from Sydney to North America. It’s almost a perfect 12-h swap. Ugh. Anyway, I feel better than I did last year when all I was taking was St John’s Wort.

Hope you feel better soon. Should you be thinking about upping the dose of Prothiaden maybe? It seems like you just get to a point where you feel well and the carpet is pulled again. Maybe you haven’t grown tall enough in the pool on the current dose.


I hate the one hour time shift of daylight savings, I couldn’t imagine how bad jet lag of that degree would be.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your feedback.

Luke - sounds like you and the fat kid are engaged in an on-going tussle. I have a theory that when things are REALLY bad with MAV you kind of need to take time out from your life to do nothing and let the meds kick in. I’m lucky that I have a lot of sick leave up my sleeve and no family commitments so can do that but I know that is just not a possibility for everyone.

Scott - I’m not doing THAT bad, it just pi$$es me off to have this fat kid always lurking at the edge of the pool, wating to jump in. I think you’re definitely paying for your jet lag etc. I remember when I went to NYC this May I was pretty shaky that week (but that’s also when I unwittingly tripled my Prothiaden dosage!). You may be right about upping the Prothiaden dose. I might give it a few days and see if things settle and then reassess. I also started back today at work. A new office in Redfern and everything is stark and white and bright. Am not liking it. Am going to try and change work stations. I may need to get a doc’s cert then they HAVE to cater for me. Anyway, I hope that neck pain (for me it’s eye pain) settles for you and you can enjoy the rest of your trip. Get any good camera gear yet?

Timeless and Ben - it sure is a dance with the devil to taunt the fat kid, that’s for sure!