Keto/low carb diets

Hello all

Just wondering how many of you have (a) tried and (b) had success with low-carb/keto diets as a migraine prevention tool?

I’m thinking of giving it a go.

There’s a lot of press out there that suggests it works but not much scientific study.


I must admit I wonder about diets generally and the wisdom of restricting foods. We are after all omnivores. Look at our teeth. Then there’s all the possible vitamin deficiencies that such could cause. I’m convinced the six C’s diet must be deficient. So restrctive. Science still hasn’t sorted all the possible links to all term health conditions. Apparenty just losing 10lb by dieting can reduce bone mass/calcium levels which leads to osteoporosis in later life and medics have only recently discovered that. The was alot of TV coverage in UK only yesterday encouraging higher fibre in diet, and that coverage contained alot of adverse publicity for low carb diets. Having said that, for migraine, And reluctantly I’m trying the John Hopkins Diet and caffeine restriction. Have been since October. I’m almost sure the being caffeine-free helps with rear head pressure. It would be interesting to see some scientific evidence to explain/support any of these diets, with keto I think you’ll find @flutters is your woman to ask. Helen

Yes, I think @flutters does really well with keto. It definitely works for epilepsy, so why not for migraine? I’ve tried low carb / Paleo before MAV though and its not for me. I’m skinny, really don’t need to be losing any more weight. I would be really scared of getting nasty headaches getting into ketosis. But, for some it might be a cure I suppose.

You are not skinny. You are well built and athletic, and by the way - handsome. Unlike the rest of this international forum, we’ve been blessed by getting to hang out together with our families. Your whole family is wonderful.

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:blush: Thanks, I guess we all have body image issues

That be the true.

I’m going to respond. Yes, whole foods, low carb, mostly keto is a huge benefit to me. I can’t overstate that. But, I’ve written thesis posts on it elsewhere. I’ll try to figure out how to consolidate them here when I get a chance.

I’m keto and get more fiber than many vegans.

Also, balance your electrolytes and you don’t get the keto flu.

You can find some good info from @flutters in the thread below