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Klonopin for MAV

Hi all! I have been on Amitryptiline for about 9 months, I have gained 30 lbs! I went to my doctor today and he is going to put me on Klonopin twice a day with a vitamin regimen and take me off of the amitriptyline. Is anyone else on this medication regimen? If so how is it working for you?

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Hi Denise!
I don’t know a thing about Klonopin but just wanted to say that you’re not alone regarding the weight gain on Ami. The ONLY thing I could criticize is that aspect. Otherwise, it has treated me so well. I did want to ask what mg of Ami you are / were on and the taper schedule your doc wants you to come off it? Good luck on the Klonopin!

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I’ve never tried Klonopin, but like Valium it can be very effective for MAV. I would only take it as a last resort however because it is a Benzodiazepine which can be quite difficult to get off of. It’s not typically used long term.


Hi! I am on 10 mgs of Ami. He wants me to take that with the Klonopin for a week and then the next week, take every other day, then stop. I’m a little nervous about getting off. Last Sept I had an episode where I thought I was having either a stroke or a seizure. Was in the hospital for three days. That is when I was diagnosed with VM. I came home and had to use a walker for a week to get around my house because I was so dizzy and off balance. It’s was horrible. It’s been nine months and I still can’t lie flat, look down without getting dizzy. It has made me have to drastically change my function of life.


Denise, I know that feeling. Jan 9th was that same kind of day for me, I just knew I was having a stroke. Never been so scared in my whole life! Ami has been a lifesaver for me, I am a cpl weeks shy of 6 mos on Ami, but I’m at 50mg. Don’t know how many lbs I’ve gained, but I’ve gone up one size… and I hate it! But, I’d rather be curvy than have vertigo.
Best wishes in your new medication!

Could I suggest you visit Dr Hain’s website ( use its Search facility for further info on Klonopin before you start it. He has alot of info on its use with dizziness issues. I think @anon96534049 took it at one stage, perhaps she can comment. Like me, Veena is U/K based so I was most surprised she was prescribed it at all. Benzos are very out of favour in UK, have been for years. Valium is much like good dust on pavements here too so I am told. All too addictive. UK doctors just don’t expect patients to get anxious about vertigo attacks, but many do. Perhaps the doctors don’t realise the most of the braver ones sailed with The Mayflower!

Meanwhile might be an idea to quiz doctor about their long term plan. Is this Klonopin just until the other drug is out if your system and they intend to give you another migraine preventative to try, maybe a beta blocker or anticonvulsant. So this move is temporary to help anxiety maybe. Helen

Klonapin made me drowsy and feel angry and my muscles went very tight. It’s hard to come off so please be careful. I had to wean myself off it, withdrawal was hell. I still use it as abd when, but dnt feel it helps that much really.

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Klonopin is a miracle drug, ive used it for the last eight years with great success.

Glad it’s worked for u. I do t know y but it has never took away all my dizziness

I use ativan(benzo lorezopam i think) as an abortive. Do NOT use Benzo as a preventative ! But use it like a triptan to abort attacks !


Do u think it’s weird that benzo just doesn’t help me anymore?

Might be you need a higher dose due to increased tolerance of benzo

I’ve now taken Klonopin for two days and about an hour after I take it, my heart feels very fluttery and then this evening, my chest feels like I’m having anxiety. Coincidence?

I think respiratory depression is a common side effect of Klonopin, which can feel like your chest is heavy.