HI all,
I found this very interesting. This doctor is really a fan of Klonopin for Chronic Fatigue patients. He runs a CF clinic in North Carolina here in the states. Scott and I have tossed around the idea that Migraine, Chronic Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia probably share some similar wiring. ON a side note, there is some research about virus playing a role in how this begins or at least how it exacerbates…FOr myself and others, Klonopin has been quite helpful in calming the sensory overload that a lot of us experience. I love that this guy is saying TAKE IT…it’s PROTECTING YOUR BRAIN…wouldn’t you love to show it to the docs who are benzo nazis? Interested to hear any thoughts…


If you have any trouble with the link, you can find it under a Google search of Dr. Cheney and Klonopin…

that is a very interesting article. i have never heard of klonopin described in that way. i’ve been on it for meniere’s for…geez, maybe 3 years now. it really did wonders for me for a long time. my oto is a big fan of it to help stop dizziness and balance issues if the usual tricks of taking valium as needed are no longer working. he also uses it as another step between meds and destructive procedures. for me, it bought me probably at least another year’s time of being able to stay at work. i was a teacher and my balance was getting so bad that i was barely able to walk down the halls and get through the days. the klonopin worked really well for me and helped my balance for a long time.

unfortunately, as i seemed to progress through “burnout” and started to have precursors to “drop attacks,” we had to move on to the gent injections. i am still on the klonopin and have weaned myself down by half on my afternoon and evening doses to 0.25mg. i tried to half my morning dose but the dizziness came back so i went back up. now after reading this article, i don’t feel so bad about that. i’ve got a lot going on in my life right now and i’m still only 3 1/2 months out from my last injection and dealing with migraines as well.

so i’ll stick with my 0.5mg klonopin in the a.m. for a while longer. it really has been a big help for me.

It is nice when we don’t have to feel guilty for using a med that actually works…the ones that make us crazy or have horrible side effects we’re supposed to soldier on, but the ones with no side effects that just make us feel better are somehow “bad”…not every doctor agrees thank Goodness!