Ladies Tell Me what this means

I had some blood work done and today the nurse called me back and said everything is fine other than your Estrdiol level is low range 19-528 mine is 35. Plus your testosterone is also low, range 0.0-2.2 mine is -0.2.

So she could not explain it to me so I thought I would ask some of you ladies you might know , or men either if you do.

She wants to put me on HRT but I am very leary of the side effects plus there are options out there such as Biodentical Hormones that are safer and natural instead of synthetic.

So what do you all think anyone have any ideas.

I will see her on Monday so that we can talk about the options.

My wife just went on HRT using the biodentical hormones, her doc says that not only are they more natural but have a lower rate of cancer. I know a little bit from her numbers, and yours are different form hers. The only thing that I could speculate on your numbers is that you probably don’t have unwanted body hairs in unwanted places because your testosterone level is so low. I have no idea what estrdiol is since that is not one of the hormones they tested my wife for. Sounds like it is in the estrogen family and I don’t know what it means when those numbers are low.


Well after seeing my breast doctor today he said I cannot take the hormones of any type because of the increased risk of cancer. I have had some issue with cysts so he said I should not increase my risk by taking the hormones.