Is anyone on this? My hubby thinks it is making me “depressed and grumpy.” I am only on 50mg a day now, on my way to 150-200mg, so I imagine if it is affecting my mood it will get worse as my dose gets bigger…

I’ve never been on it, it’s a new, improved neurontin–it has approval for fibromyalgia. I hope some one here who has personal experience can write you. Here is a review of the med at a site about meds for psychiatry,

Hope you’re feeling better. One thing I’ve figured out, is that “target” doses are very individual. People with migraine are very sensitive to meds, and the lowest dose that is effective is often the best dose–titrating to some empirical therapeutic dose is often too high for us.


I made a mistake, and confused lyrica with lamictal, but the link is correct.
Hope you’re feeling better.

Thanks, I have orders to call when I reach a dose that is working. Right now it is reducing my dizzness a little (I think), but my visual symptoms and headaches are unchanged (worse?) The doctor said that in his experience most people who will see benifit will do so between 75 and 100 mg a day, but sometimes they have to go as high as 200… So we’ll see…