Anyone tried Lamictal(aka Lamotrigene) before? I was just prescribed this 3 days ago at 25mg (for bipolar), and I take it at night. Physical anxiety and agitation has already improved (unless this is placebo), but dizzies is up and down. i have moments of feeling much less dizzy, and other moments where the room violently tilts or spins for a few seconds! Sometimes my head tingles briefly but that does not bother me. I am supposed to titrate to 50mg Apr 23, but is that too much too soon? Should I just ride this out another week before calling the psych? Also worth mentioning, my gp prescribed me 2.5mg Norvasc for hypertension. I started this Mar. 30th and it seems my dizziness was slowly getting worse as of last week anyway, sooooo is it possible this is all coming from Norvasc?

Hi there,

I think it would be good to get the norvasc out of your system first. How did it affect your dizzies? I was prescribed it for the MAV and it made all my symptoms crazy worse. It even made my visual symptoms worse, which no drug has done before- it was a hellish nightmare drug for me. Good luck on the lamictal- not a lot of people on here seem to take that- I did come across a poster from about a year ago who said she was 95% on lexapro and lamictal. Good luck and hope this drug helps your mav and emotions too!

lamictal is proven to be effective for those suffering with migraine and aura simultanouesly. i believe the recommended anf theurapetic dose is 100mg. my neuro wants me to try lamictal next if i choose an anti convulsant as my next drug trrial

let us know the progress. it willl b interesting to hear your results as not many peiple on this forum take the lamictal route

I personally LOVED Lamictal the short times I was on it. Tried it twice, both times unfortunately resulting in a dreaded rash. Doctor told me to come off just in case it could be THE rash. I felt great on it. Energetic, lively. Everything I was looking for. It was too short a trial, ~ week to tell if it could help with dizziness. Most people don’t get the rash, its a rare side effect. Good luck. I’m surprised it isn’t used more because of high success rate and low side effect profile (supposedly less sexual and weight gain) and well tolerated. Hope it works!