Lasik eye surgery

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I am wanting to know if any other people on here have had Lasik surgery. My eyes are so tired into my triggers and I had Lasik about 8 years ago. I spoke to a friend who knows two other people who have had Lasik and complain of dizziness and lightheadedness. There is probably no connection, but I did want to ask.

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I dont know about the surgery, but my glasses being changed just a fraction on the axis have caused me a lot of trouble over the last 5 months, so much so, that I am getting them changed back to my old perscription which means I cant see so well, but rather that than more full blown vertigo attacks.

Hi Christine -

Are visual triggers the worst for you? That seems to be my worse trigger. Glare, bright lights. They are killer for me.

I had the laser surgery pre Lasik (I think it was called PRK or similar) in 1996. I was told I could become more sensitive to light afterwards which is true. Bright, glaring lights have always made me uncomfortable and potentially precede a migraine (with aura) for me. So I try and avoid bright lights and wear sunglasses a lot!


Hi Christine
You might want to ask about keeping your new prescription but having the shape of the lens the same shape as the old lens. I had terrible trouble when changing glasses and luckily I had a really good optician at the time who was able to pinpoint the problem - that because the lens of the new glasses was a different shape the picture the brain sees is different and can cause problems in people who are vestibularly challenged!

Interestingly I changed to contact lenses a year ago, and wasn’t sure whether this would cause more problems, but it’s been better since.
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