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Latest attack- felt like classic motion sickness with no motion!

So I had a terrible attack at work today. I assume it’s migraine, but was different than any other attack. Tinnitus ramped up high pitch as usual with attack. I did feel slightly dizzyish/off, but not the normal rocking dizziness. The main symptoms were extreme anxiety and feeling like if I moved, I would vomit- extreme nausea. I had this once before on a train riding backwards, and had to sit as still as humanly possible to avoid vomiting. But in this instance, there was no motion. I also did not have the usual tingling or light sensitivity I get during a basilar attack. Biggest symptom was intense nausea- never had this before. Fortunately it was before anyone was in, so I took klonopin and his sat there waiting to get better or die. I was seriously thinking someone might have to take me to ER. It passed after 45 min…left with mild imbalance and neck ache rest of day, but could function fine. This damned tinnitus has been ramped up since my flu 2 wks ago and antibiotics have messed with my stomach. Do u think this was migraine attack? The presentation is a new one for me.

I would class this as a ‘vestibular attack’. I had the same distinction. Most of my attacks did not seem like migraines at all. The onset was too rapid as was the conclusion. After a ‘vestibular attack’ I was almost always left with a ‘hangover’. In any case the migraine attacks stopped once I started taking Amitriptyline. Amitriptyline did nothing to stop the vestibular attacks however. The attacks eventually stopped by themselves.

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Any treatment for your vestibular attacks? Did your Dr’s differentiate from migraine as well??

Buccastem? Meclizine?

She just told me to up the Ami. Ami made me feel rubbish at 30mg so I didn’t follow her advice. I wasn’t convinced by it either though.

When I said this didn’t seem to help she just gave me that ‘sorry about that we can’t help you’ look. Very annoying. But it’s true I didn’t follow her advice to the letter. But my gut feel told me it wouldn’t work.

The vestibular attacks are so different it’s one reason why I just knew this rubbish wasn’t as simple as ‘migraine’ (for me at least. YMMV)

The main reason I smelt a rat though was because this doctor dismissed my trauma as a cause of my condition and instead told me I’d had a ‘genetic mutation’. At this point the explanation lost all credibility for me. Thank goodness I found another doctor.

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Yes i have migraine attacks where the only symptom is butterflies in my stomach and anxiety.

Also i have separate nausea episodes as well

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I’d guess it’s what the experts call a ‘vestibular migraine’ attack. Sounds just like all the attacks I ever had just not quite as severe. Always had such violent nausea and actual vomiting right from day one. Had to have Buccastem by injection and very nearly (British NHS tend to wait til death is imminent before they admit you to hospital - I jest but a little) ended up admitted to hospital due to dehydration. Main diffference between your recent attack and my ‘usual’ ones would be this one if yours was much shorter duration and bit less severe.

Propranolol did everything to control my vestibular attacks. It hasn’t rid me of lots of symptoms. I still know I’ve got MAV. Don’t get me wrong but it’s done wonders for the acute vertigo attacks and the photophobia.

Oh, I’ve always found, with MAV, there’s alot of those sort of looks around! Helen


Yes and that’s why it must be one of the first go-to medications. I suspect Amitriptyline has a different line of attack.


I’ve had attacks like that in phases when i didn’t have the typical migraine symptoms and wondered what was going on. I would feel really sick out of nowhere and then it would fade. Yes, it’s part of VM for me personally.


I am upping the propranolol today. Somehow this flu I had has made things worse :disappointed:

I have had similar attacks, just nausea and a general feeling of not feeling well at all, and the anxiety/panic attack was the worst.

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I think untreated MAV tends to gradually get worse, flu or not. Mine did. If you do up it don’t expect instant results like with your six Effexor beads and do remember migraine prevention dose is 80-160mg. Dr Hain advises the XR version of Propranolol too as being best. I had to stick with immediate release because XR only comes in capsule form and I cannot take any capsules, not even fish oil. Gives me GERD. Helen

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@Onandon03 I’m on 40mg instant release, twice a day. Does that count as 40 continuous or 80? I can’t take the xr because for some reason it releases too fast in me.

I also think the antibiotic major messed up my gut. All of a sudden, I cannot tolerate garlic - I get nauseous and bloated. Trying to take probiotics…

Sounds like the first six weeks that I experienced - constant dizziness in my head like a drunk floaty feeling as opposed to rocking or spinning and extreme nausea with any movement including if I only moved my eyes. I literally survived on water and dry toast.

@Mav ugh that sounds horrible! Nausea has never been much of a symptom for me… Lovely.

That counts as 80mg. Well you obviously need bit more. Do you space it out evenly over the 24 hours. That’ll help immensely. Did me. Immediate release worked just fine for me. I take it three times daily. Bit of a pain BUT. I’ve read that makes for non compliance the number of times daily with any meds. but I say if they couldn’t be bothered to comply they obviously didn’t need it. If they needed it, they’d bother.

I’ve had a week at a time daren’t even open my eyes. Buccastem ‘saved’ me from dehydration many times. It’s a wretched condition.

Always add in the word ‘yet’ to such statements I’d say. Because MAV morphs constantly. You’ve been lucky. One would expect the vertigo causes the nausea but I think it can also be a main symptom in its own right. I had it everyday for many months after MAV really went chronic. As you so rightly posted elsewhere ‘motion sickness without the motion’ although alot of the time it was also ‘motion sickness with the slightest motion’ too (just a slight turn of the head). The Propranolol helped me. I was lucky. I didn’t have a full on attack that put me off my legs for three years and three months from starting it, and eventually it even stopped the constant dizziness but I did need to hit the right dose for me first for it to do that. Helen

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Thank you Helen. I think I will try 50mg twice a day. And yes, I space it out every 12 hrs, usually 6am 6pm.

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