Latest on Neurologist visit

Well, I think my new Neurologist seems to believe that my recent Migraine interefered with my VRT progress. Although, he did agree the Migraines must be controlled to further improve my condition. I told him that I did see improvements after a couple of weeks on Amitriptyline but has seemed to lose it’s positive affects recently. So he increased the dosage to 50 mg a night and ordered two new tests I have not had. He mentioned something about testing signals from the brain stem or something like that. Keep you all posted if when learn more.

Well I have been on 50 mg a night now for 7 days and I was hoping to see improvements but I’m not. If anything I feel worse. Awful getting up in the morning, stiff neck, pain in my ears radiating down to my neck, full ears feeling, brain fog, hard to concentrate and let’s not forget the dizziness, imbalance thing. It’s no wonder why some people with this junk get mis-diagnosed with depression, this is down right depressing!!! I know I’m bringing my wife down with this illness too, so I’ve tried to not talk about it so much to her. This is getting tough to handle.

Hey Skip,

I know the feeling!! i have just come off my amitriptyline, i took it up to 40 mg a night, whihc i did for a week, and just felt like i was completely drugged up!! the brain fog got worse, so i decided to come off it and see if i felt any different… been off ami for about 4 days now…

Hi Lou, How are you feeling since you’ve been off the AMI?

well i have started to have a few more headaches, but to honest i still feel the brain fog, and slightly off balance, so i don’t feel much different to when i am on the tablets to when I have stopped them!! so now i feel like i back to square one where i have no idea what to do next…

The NHS keep cancelling my Neurology appointment but i have finally moaned so much i have one on the 19 Dec… not too sure what they can suggest next, i thought it was MAV but with the tablets not having any effect maybe it is something different…

How are you feeling on the AMI?

Hi Lou

Is amitryptiline the only drug you have been tried on so far?

I had to trial over 15 drugs to find the one that worked for me…


Hi Adam,

Yes its the first drug i have tried, i spent the first few months with them thinking is was labrinthitis, before deciding it isn’t… so have not been diagnosed yet, so not sure what I have!!

Do you think that the Neuro will try me on another drug?


My Neurologist sent me for VEP and BAER tests and they came back normal. I had 3 episodes of very very fast heart beating out of my chest feeling while I was on Amitriptyline all 3 times I was awaken by these terrible side effects. Dr. changed my meds to Inderal LA 60 mg (propranolol). Saga continues…