Length of Dizziness?

Just wondering how long your dizziness lasts?
I’ve been dizzy for 5 weeks straight, 24/7 and it has not let up at all.

Do you only get dizzy when you have a migraine attack?
How long does your dizziness last?
When you take your medication, does it totally go away?

I guess I’m trying to figure out if this dizziness will ever end…

Hi, by dizziness do you mean spinning or more of a rocky motion as if everything is unstable?

I guess I mean the unstable rocky feeling? Whatever it is you personally experience would be helpful to know.

Well I’ve had the rocky feeling , unsteadiness, dysequillibrium non stop for 2 years. I haven’t as yet found meds to arrest it but many on this forum have and will be able to tell which ones.

Wow, 2 years, I’m so sorry about that and hope you’ll eventually find something that can help. Do you think the migraine has lasted for 2 Years or is this the lasting symptoms from a previous attack?

Non-stop background dizziness like Fiona describes is a feature of chronic migrainous vertigo as outlined in the MAV Survival Guide. For some people (like me) they can have dizzy periods lasting weeks or months and then it may just suddenly stop leaving low-level background dysequilibrium and some visual vertigo here and there. For others, they feel very dizzy all the time until the migraine is controlled. Control requires following the three steps outlined in the Guide. Check it out and make sure you’ve had a crack at removing triggers from your environment.

Best … Scott

I have my dizziness 24/7 for a year and a half now. It gets a little better sometiems, but it is always there. I’ve been on a ton of meds, but so far haven’t found one to knock it out. I do find a low dose benzo helps…I use Klonopin sparingly for the more severe days. By “dizziness” I mean a lightheaded, kinda drunk, visual thing…never spinning.

Good luck!

Hi…i’ve had the rocking motion for 18 years, 24/7! I"ve mad a fair amount of improvement over the years but i still have a way to 100 percent. Medication helps to melt the rocking motion to a lesser degree.


I suffered 6 years with the last 4 being almost 24/7 until I was correctly diagnosed with MAV and started on Topiramate (topiramax). That drug may not be right for all and does have some side affects but for me it was a miracle worker. Where I live seems to be a bit behind times in the treatment and diagnosis of this type of syndrome, I baffled the best clinics and dr’s around.

Kenny, consider yourself very lucky. I’ve tried numerous anti-depressants and Topamax to no avail. A small amount of benzo and Verapamil give me some help.



Yeah, I do consider myself fortunate. I was on a lot of stuff that made me a lot worse/did no good/had terrible side affects and had to come back off before the topamax. Some of those antidepressants are terrible…