Length of vertigo episode

I have read on this board that if the diagnosis is MAV, then the episodes of vertigo are 30 seconds or so. Well mine arent. Apart from the short room shifts (seconds) I also get full blown vertigo attacks which leave me on the bed for 4 to 6 hours. Does anyone else get this?

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MAV can give vertigo attacks of seconds, minutes, hours and possibly even days(?). And, of course, you don’t need true vertigo at all for the diagnosis. At least not spinning vertigo, but I think one can be totally free from it? I only have some slight rocking at its worst, the rest is more dizziness/motion sickness than vertigo.


I agree with Tranquility.
I get both the quick spins (over in seconds - possibly what you referred to as a “room shift”) and I also will have spinning vertigo that lasts for hours. In the beginning, after my crash it was 24/7 for a couple months. Now it comes and goes as it pleases. I also have days where my balance is so poor, and I’m bouncing off walls when I walk. It feels like I’m walking on marshmallows.


Whenever i have had Vertigo Attacks (the classic vertigo) lasts between 30 seconds to one minute. But after the initial spin subsides i am left with increased motion and having to very careful how i lay in bed or picking up something for fear of another vertigo attack. For a couple days after the spin i have to double up on pillows when i sleep. Then things begin to calm down a bit.


I had a dizzy spell last for 18 months. The problem here is the deffinition of vertigo. I have never had the spins without lots of beer :lol: but what I call vertigo consists of the room shifting/expanding/shrinking, the room seems to rock as I walk, everything will go on a tilt. This is usually accomponied by a change in my hearing for the short 30 second to a few minute spells: a nice low pitched hum that I can feel in my ear. Then there are all sorts of strange things that go along that are just to many to list.

Since I started taking meds for my MAV, I am back to the original dizzy spells. They hit real hard for a few seconds to a few minutes (sometimes hours), and leave me drained the rest of the day, and throw my balance way out of whack as well. Regardless of the time duration, I am left on the couch the rest of the day.

I ditto Brian.

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