Hey Leshurd,

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I always thought migraines were like the worst headache on earth where you have to go into a dark room away from all light and noise. Please, does anyone have any thoughts or advice for me? A doctor to go to? I really need a better quality of life.

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I just read your story and it just floors me how you could have gone this long without anyone in the medical field realising you’re a migraineur. I can’t get over it when I hear these stories. I’m glad you found mvertigo but sorry to hear of the misery you’ve gone through with this crappy condition. Yours reads like a very typical MAV case to me.

Please have a read through the MAV Survival Guide I put together and make sure you’ve done all you can in terms of lifestyle mods to get some immediate relief. Can you tell us what city you’re near and someone hear will certainly be able to give you some direction.

Hang in there. You can definitely get better and reclaim your life.

Scott :slight_smile:

Hi Leslie,

So much of your story does sound horribly familiar. There’s people on this forum from all over the world so like Scott said if you are happy to indicate whereabouts you live I’m sure people will be only too happy to recommend a doctor.


Thanks for responding. I have felt really alone during all this and I suddenly don’t feel so alone. Just a simple response has already made me feel a little better. I just wonder why one day I was fine and gradually I turned into this??? I live in Portland, Oregon and would do anything to find a doctor who cares. Hopefully someone is on here that knows of a nearby doctor. I also visit family in Texas (where I grew up) so if there is a doctor in Texas I would also fly there for help. Thanks again for the replys and support. I REALLY need a lot!!



The only doctor I know on that side of the US is Robert Baloh. I have notes from him in the top sticky post titled MAV FAQs. He’s at UCLA:


I’m sure the others will also chime in here if there are others closer to you.

Best … Scott :slight_smile:

Where did you come up with the name Leshurd? My last living aunt on my dads side of the family has that last name and there are only about 12 listed in the United States and I am sure that I know or am kin to all of them. We have never been able to figure out that last name. My uncle was native american and thought the name was a misundertanding of another word. Thanks.