Lets get this thing started....lol

Looks like there are a few members here…so I think it is time to get the ball rolling.

I would like to start by thanking Adamw for setting up this site. Right now my most likely diagnosis is MAV and I am finding that there is precious little out there about this problem.

These are my symptoms:

~24/7 dizziness (to lesser and greater degrees)
~Stuffy ears
~Horizontal Vertigo (No rotational vertigo)
~Light sensitivity
~Sound sensitivity

Here is what a Bad attack feels like to me:

I first get a feeling light a spotlight is shone over me…everything is so bright it is hard to look at. Then noise around me sounds louder and busier. The things start rocking back and forth and my vision gets blurry. No headache…no spinning room. This lasts 20 mins to 36 hours. Then it is followed by a few days of imbalance then I get to a stage where I am about 90% normal and BAM…it comes back all over again.

My Dr thinks it is MAV being aggrivated by my sinusitis which causes sinus pressure in the area where the migraines are happening. Apparently the same can happen to people with regular migraines.


Hi Mentalkeyboard,

thanks for sharing your experiences with this awful dizzy monster.

Day to day life for us is hard isnt it. Especially when you don’t know when this this is going to strike. Its like lotto!

I hope your having a good week.
Blessed Be
Spinningtop :smiley: