Lets talk diet modifications

Ok so I’m really trying my best to do the migraine diet. I have the “Heal your Headache” book and I’m really trying to avoid triggers like cheese etc. and I have done ok so far, but its really hard. Especially since I cook for my kids and husband and don’t have a lot of time to cook with a 5 month old who needs me constantly. I am having hard time avoiding MSG as basically its in everything! Literally, I had no idea how much stuff it is in. I made a salad the other night with grilled chicken, and the dressing had MSG, it was Italian. I don’t have time to make my own salad dressing. All ranch dressings have it, the book says no sour cream but I usually like to make a dip for my veggies (celery, carrots etc.) I have been avoiding processed stuff like hot dogs, bologna etc. I have had no onions, and no chocolate, I still have some cheese as the foods I make at least have some amount in it. Another thing is coffee. I have cut it out for a while(maybe 6 weeks or so) and I also cut it out right when this happened for about a month. I have lately been having one small cup in the morning to get going. Has anyone been able to have a small cup of coffee and be ok? It just seems like this diet is so hard when you have a family to cook for and don’t have all the time to chop up and make everything from scratch. Any suggestions?

Hi Rebecca: You are right! It seems everything that’s easy contains something we can’t have. Fortunately for me my kids are grown and it is just my husband and myself…so I do everything fresh. But it’s boring. I have finally identified my food triggers: pizza, peanut butter and chocolate. I miss them but the consequences are not worth it. Fortunately I am able to have one cup of coffee in the morning. And this makes my mornings bearable. I am saying I have everything fresh but what I mean is I often use the frozen vegetables as they taste so much better these days and I find I have no after effects with them. One of the books I have (I will have to look up the name) actually has some recipes for dressings. When I get home I will see if I can find it. Take care and good luck with cooking!!!


Hi rebecca
Salad dressing’s SO easy! Just mix three parts olive oil with one of vinegar (white wine or spanish sherry), add a dash of dijon mustard and sugar if you like, and salt and pepper of course.

Alternatively, we have the oil and vinegar pourers separately on the table.


Dizzy Lizzy XX

I give you ladies props for sticking to the MAV diet. I, too, purchased heal your headache 3 months ago when all this crap started… I might have stuck to the diet for ummm… a week! A big part of is that I HATE to cook. I’m a grad student, so I sleep weird hours (also not good for mav…) and my idea of “cooking” is going to my parents house, stealing their leftovers, and warming them up in my microwave! I have a bad habit of eating out constantly and most of my lunches and dinners consist of pizza & chipotle (mmmm… chipotle).

From everything that I’ve read on this forum and elsewhere the diet can make a huge difference. I guess it’s all about consistency. When I was on the diet, I found it to be difficult, not impossible. You are right about all of these trigger foods being found in virtually EVERYTHING. The key is making everything fresh, which for a lazy person like me is an impossible feat. I, too, cut out ALL caffeine a few months ago, and it was only very recently (2-3 weeks ago) that I started to slowly introduce it back. A soda or a cup of coffee here or there… Honestly if it doesn’t give you any trouble than you should be fine. I haven’t had an issue with it either. But what I gather from this MAV junk is that triggers are so variable depending on the individual. While I can have a cup of coffee just fine, give me any kind of nuts or chocolate and I will be dizzy for days.

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the book also say something like you need to be on the diet for a good 3 months to notice any consistent change? I think i remember reading that in there or on Dr. Hain’s site or someplace.

Thanks Ladies.
Karen- That is great you have been able to identify triggers, Im not sure I can yet. Although I do have some dizzy free periods, I still cant tell what food brings on the dizzies, but I do know the better I eat, the better I feel. I had some chicken nugget’s from McDonalds the other day, took my kids to play there…I felt so awful after, so I know it must be processed foods that trigger something. Either that or that kind of food just makes anyone feel crappy :lol:

Lizzy thanks for the recipe, doesnt sound hard at all. I know they have the salad dressing packet atthe store to make yourself but that too is packed with junk! I love olive oil, will have to give it a try.

Suki- This diet is very hard when you eat out. We were doing that too for a while because I was very ill the first 2 month or so and couldnt even stand to cook for longer than 10 minutes. I couldnt concentrate etc. So we ate out a lot, not horrible bad food, but still…How are you feeling with just medicine and no real diet changes? I am by no means strict, I wish I could be. I made lasagna last night which my family just gobbles up its so good, but it had mozzarella and some Parmesan. I dont feel any more dizzy today, in fact Im ok this morning.