Lexapro-Burning sensation

Hi there! I took my first, very small dose of Lexapro last night. I took about 2.5mg, I cut a 10mg pill in 4’s so may not be completely accurate! I went to bed and awoke several times with my body on fire on the inside. I was burning from head to toe. I woke up this morning with a little bit of burning lingering in my face! Anyone ever heard of this?? Keep taking the Lexapro? Of course it is the weekend and no doctor to call!!!

I am also weaning off of Nori, currently at 30mg and taking Propranolol 120mg, split between morning and evening!


I’m going to guess that it’s one of those “rare” side effects, kind of like the tingling that some other meds cause, from what I’ve been googling. If you’re concerned, you might check with a pharmacist since your doc’s unavailable - they’re likely to know for sure just how concerned you should be.

My Pharmacist said she had never heard of it before, but, a quick Google search like you mentioned shows otherwise. I have been burning in the face and hands all day, don’t think I can put myself through that again as it was literally hellish to feel like my insides were on fire. Who knows where to go from here. Thanks Erika.

Yikes - that sounds awful! I’d say definitely skip it till you can talk to your doc on Monday…