Lexapro, Zoloft or Cymbalta

Hello everyone.
Hope everyone is hanging in there! Feeling at a loss at the moment not knowing where to go from here. My last trial, Dothep 75mg didn’t work out and after 4 months I decided to bin it! I was way losing too much weight with the constant nausea. Not a nice feeling when your Doctor asks if you have anorexia!! Feeling pretty ordinary the past week as I battle those awful withdrawal symptoms with that nausea kicking in once again. What I would do to be given some reprieve from sickness… I’m just totally spent and losing hope fast.
As I am feeling too sick to fly to Sydney to see Dr Granot, I decided to see a local neuro during the week. Whilst he was good and understanding, he was no Dr Granot and wasn’t really knowledgeable of migraine medications. He recommended that I trial an antidepressant in the SSRI group such as Lexapro, Zoloft or Cymbalta. I am extremely med sensitive and was hoping for some feedback on these meds. He said that they would also help with my anxiety which seems to be through the roof at the moment.
Thanks for listening once again.

Sorry to hear this Kylie. I though dothep may be the one for you but I am sure there are others to try. I am not sure about the ones you have listed as I think they may have different names here in the UK. Dr Surenthiran likes lyrica/gabapentin - is that one you have tried yet? I hope you find something that helps soon x

Do you, or have you ever had, any issues with depression and/or anxiety?
From your migraine symptoms, I wonder if Topamax would be your choice? Can you tell me your experiences with Nori and Ami?
As for the meds you have here, I’ve tried them. Is nausea your main complaint with Dothep? Serotonin enhancing meds can cause nausea in some people as a main side effect. It can sometimes be helped with taking med with food and at bedtime. Also starting at a low dose. If you felt it was helping at all, and just the nausea was your complaint, you could always try to add a med in…like Promethazine, which is a favorite of mine. It has helped me with sleep, and also eased my dizzies. It is used for vertigo and nausea (post surgery) and it is an antihistamine. I only take a child’s dose at 10mg per evening. I had a doctor tell me that taking Bonine (it is meclizine I think) or any kind of motion sickness med that you can get at the drug store, is helpful when starting a new med that makes you feel nauseous.
So back to the question: Lexapro is a stronger version of Celexa…Zoloft is the one I know the least about, but tons of people take it with no problem. I take Cymbalta, which works well for me. It hits both Norepinephrine and serotonin, so the weight and sexual side effects are usually lessened. It helped my anxiety, too.
Whatever you decide, start low…ease into it…that should help with the side effects.
Good luck!

Thanks for your ideas girls, I really appreciate it. I have never had depression but suffer from anxiety and mini panic attacks ( especially when I am in a crowded room standing still…always fearful that I am going to fall). My husband thinks I am a “worry wart”… runs in my family!!! I have tried Topamax but never got past the starting dose. The dizziness and vision problems was too much to handle. Nori and Ami caused increased headaches and severe dizziness that did not subside. Nausea was only a problem when I was coming off them. The Dr gave me some anti-nausea tablets which didn’t help. Will look into Meclizine. I think I am leaning towards Cymbalta. I know that Dr Granot prescribes this one which gives me some confidence. Gabapentin sounds like a shot too.I will do some research . Thanks Jem. Now how are you girls going? Thanks again. You’re are gold!!!
Kylie xx

So sorry to hear you couldn’t tolerate the Dothep - you’re certainly not having much luck with the meds you’ve trialled so far. Can’t help with any med suggestions but wondered whether you have considered emailing Dr Granot. I keep in touch with him for any queries I have and he responds very promptly. It is not the same as having a consult as his replies are always short but he does have such a lot of knowledge about the meds and could help with a choice of SSRI for you.
I think anxiety & panic attacks come with the ‘territory’ - still get those in a confined space or brightly lit shops.

Hi Kylie,

Kelley is our resident pharmacist guru so I won’t add much more. I think it’s probably mostly true that an SSRI or SNRI is a good first stop if you are also experiencing anxiety and/or depression. Neuros look to the comorbidities when selecting a migraine med. And so any of the medicines you mention are worthy of trialling. You can also add Effexor, Cipramil, Paxil and Prozac to that list. All work for different people. You can only trial it.

Effexor, an SNRI, is one of the only ones with clinical trials data behind it for migraine prevention – it performed better than placebo.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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granot prescribes cymbalta for neuropathic pain but not for migraine. the cymbalta is looking after my symptoms to a considerable degree and granot believes its only looking after my anxiety which in turn is looking after my dizziness. to me it has looked after anxiety as well as VM. i dont think granot prescribes cymbalta for migraine. i was already on the cymbalta before i saw him and since it was helping he told me to continue

Thank you everyone. Yes I am not having much luck at all with these meds. I will contact Dr Granot today… thanks Barb. I always worry that I am bothering him so I only really email him when I’m really desperate. Hopefully he can point me in the right direction. Will let you know how I get along. :slight_smile:


i wud v interested to know wat granot says as im pretty sure he does not prescribe these 3 meds for vm. but who knows he might use me as a sample patient and prescribe cymbalta to u since he prefers it over effexor for anxiety and we know u do suffer from anxiety with vm

I contacted Dr Granot and he thought that Cymbalta would be a reasonable next step after I get over the Dothep withdrawals. So that will keep me busy for the next few months. Fingers crossed!

Do hope the Cymbalta will work for you - it’s been such a long time for you trialling so many meds it’s time you got lucky. Fingers crossed! Did Dr G say how quickly you can reduce the Dothep?

Sorry Barb. I have been offline for the last few weeks while I get over the Dothep withdrawals. Back to my baseline now and ready to tackle Cymbalta. Here we go again!!

good luck kylie. im on cymbalta and i really hope that it works for u too

Hi Nabeel. Just a quick question. The pharmacist suggested that I take my Cymbalta dose in the morning… I’m a bit nervous as all the other meds I have taken at night to help with the side effects. What do you do?


I take a very dose 120mg so I divide it equally morning and night. It can be taken any way you like morning or night really depends on how your body reacts to it. Initially I took it in the mornings 60mg cz it was giving me insomnia at night. Then I added 30mg at night and then finally added another 30mg at night once the insomnia side effect settled in. so now its 60 morning and 60 night.

Thanks Nabeel. Very helpful!