Life with MAV

I just wanted to let you guys know that some from of life is possible with MAV. I have had migraines since high school, and last year was lucky to be the recipient of the chronic dizziness. Hooray for me and for the rest of us on this board.

I have had some pretty decent success with ami 35 mg and nadolol 40mg. I have really good days, and then the not so good days, suggesting that this is probably not going away anytime soon. Without the meds I think I would be a disaster.

Well onto my point, I have been working full time, and despite the symptoms have not called out since this started…returning to work last July. I have also been taking credits towards my masters. 9 credits this spring…3 classes, 2 young boys, volunteer at school, husband, etc… Life may not be ideal in the way I feel, but it must go on. I am happy to say that I have straight A’s…so proud of myself! Apparently the brain still works!!! Sooooo, although I will probably never consider myself a true “success”, there is definitely life with MAV. We are all proof. So I encourage everyone to try and do the things you want, there is definiTley no harm in trying. We all fail from time to time, including those that don’t live with this. Sometimes getting out there and seeing that you can do the things you want is the best medicine.

Thanks for all the support and advice from everyone! And Scott, it is so great that you have made this forum…really helps all of us through this challenging time.

Jenh, I loved reading this. This is so inspiring. I’m so glad for you and I think you are amazing. I too have 2 boys and a husband but I can’t do everything you do. Maybe, and hopefully, one day I can. I think you are a success story. Maybe you are not 100%, all of the time but you’ve been through hell with MAV and you’ve found light at the end of the tunnel. A very wise friend of mine on this forum, MAVLisa, told me that MAV is not always linear. I think that was an excellent point. We may have some bad days here and there but for the most part it sounds like you really do have a life with MAV and I am so happy for you!

Another encouraging thread - great to read. Thanks Jen! :smiley: