Does anyone else get lightheaded as a symptom? I am lightheaded a lot. When I am sitting down and stand up sometimes my vison goes dark for a second and I feel like I am going to faint. Also, there are certain places where I am at (Ex: theatre) where I feel like I am going to faint. Is there anything that can help this symptom go away? I was given metroprolol but I have heard that it lowers blood pressure so I’m worried to take it.

Briana, is that your only symptom?
Don’t stress. I use to get that all the time. It’s just the sudden blood pressure change from sitting to standing.
Also, if it happens in certain places ie. theatre then it could be anxiety perpetuating it.
If you dont actually faint - then I wouldn’t think it’s a problem. Probably worth getting your blood pressure checked through.

Hi Briana,

I get this a lot too and it’s nothing to worry about. Just get up slowly and/or have a hand and wall at the ready to steady yourself.


Thanks for the advice. I only feel lightheaded in certain places but the rest of the time I have a constant rocking sensation and I don’t feel lightheaded. It probably is related to anxiety. Has anyone here that has MAV ever fainted?

Hi Briana,
Since you were prescribed metoprolol which is a bp med, I would definitely mention this symptom to your doc before starting just in case your lightheadedness is not related to anxiety.

Also, I was wondering if you could tell us a bit more about your rocking sensation that you experience?

I have fainted 3 times in my life. Two of them were associated with a bad migraine. The second one I managed to stop going out completely by hanging my head over the sink and splashing cold water on my face.

The first faint was not associated with MAV. I was 18, at a dance and drinking whisky and orange (why I drank that I dont know). I went completely out. When I came round, my boyfriend and a complete stranger were holding me up outside, my boyfriend said I had gone out completely and was a dead weight. Cant understand it, I had only drank two :mrgreen:


Ah, Christine, Irish and orange juice used to be one of my favorite tipples. (And one or at most two was plenty.) Had to be a right smoky Irish, now.

I’ve noticed a new, reproved (well, it ain’t improved) symptom lately that also might be related to BP.

Currently, when I’m not writing, editing or swimming, my project is putting our bathroom floor back together. (No, I haven’t opened the can of mastic yet.) I notice that I can’t do too much of this without feeling like hell-and my face and arms get very flushed.

I’ve had hypertension for over a year, well-controlled with meds. For quite a while, I was on lisinopril, and after the mvertigo diagnosis I was moved to a Ca-channel blocker, which has given me no problem.

Now this fun.

Christine, when you say you have fainted from a migraine were you having a full blown migraine like with headache and aura and all that? I have never really had a migriane just the constant dizziness. I never drink and the one time I did it made me sooo dizzy and I had only had one drink.

Lisa - I am going to ask my doctor about this before I start taking the medicine because I don’t want to make this any worse. My rocking sensation is pretty much just like being on a boat. Things move back and forth and it is constant. I never have had spinning or anything.


Hi Briana,

Yes, they were both full blown migraines, no shadow of a doubt.

The feeling you are talking about sounds more similar to when I am talking to someone and they slowly start to fade into a sort of black haze, I used to get that a lot. Blood sugar played a part in it for me. I suffer with reactive hypoglycemia, especially bad in the morning. Have you any other symptoms at the time, shaking, very cold, very hot, dizzy, disorientated, irritable, cant concentrate? Whenever I feel all this weird stuff, I eat something and take half a painkiller and generally feel a bit better.


Hey Christine,

I have hypoglycemia too and get exactly the same symptoms. I usually carry ‘emergency’ food with me - like a museli/fruit bar or similar. What’s funny (weird, not ha ha) is that a lot of my migraine symptoms are very similar. Pre diagnosis imagine my disappointment when eating didn’t fix those symptoms! Still struggling with the associated weight gain… :roll: