Little things brighten up trying days...

I was told to wait in today for a parcel by my Fiancè - I felt a little annoyed initally and robbed of my day tbh, anyway I haven’t had a great day symptom wise and felt a little grumpy! :relieved:

So when I opened the door to the courier man I wasn’t sure what to expect as it was a “top secret” surprise! :laughing: Faced with a large box to open I wasn’t sure what was inside but… my lovely fiancè had ordered these for me! I was gobsmacked! He’s not usually the romantic type but this really turned a 50% day into a 70!

Little things to make us smile and help us cope is all we need to get through! :two_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I think the note was the best bit!!


This made me smile! :sparkling_heart: How wonderful!!! :sparkling_heart:
And yes, that note… makes you realize how much he admires your strength! So sweet, thank you for sharing!
You can tell him he made my day too! :star2:


Just what the Dr ordered Kirsty!! You are a very lucky girl and it also made me smile🙂
Jo x


Thanks ladies! I am lucky, bless him! :blush::blush:
Show your husbands this it might promt them :two_hearts::wink: haha xx

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