Lomerizine - Has anyone heard of it?

Hello all.

First of all thanks to all concerned for running and contributing to this great and extremely useful website. It is really appreciated.

So, on to my query -

I have just been prescribed a calcium channel blocker called Lomerizine. This is to help with my exertion induced dizziness and persistent low level dizziness and tinnitus. I am struggling to find much information about it. I currently live in Japan, and have just consulted a Japanese migraine specialist for the first time who gave me the prescription. I can see that the drug has trade names in Japan and China, but I can’t seem to see much evidence of it being widely used anywhere else.

Has anyone heard of this drug or have any more information about it? It would be reassuring to be able to do a bit of research on it before starting to take it, especially as I am completely new to taking calcium channel blockers.

Any info would be very gratefully appreciated!