London Meet Up Thu 31 Jan 1800


London Meet Up
Thurs 31st Jan 6pm
All Bar One, Waterloo**

MM x

Yep I will be there!! :smiley:

Can’t make it this time guys :frowning:

Hopefully catch up on the next one though!

Have a great time :slight_smile:

If I’m still invited then I’d love to come!! x

Lizzie! Of course :slight_smile: yes I’m in !!! Can we drink wine please?! X

Up 4 that!!! xxxx

Be good to see you all again. Im back to drinking one or two glasses of wine on a evening out so def up for a drink.

MM, you got any Valium left over? Happy to trade some in exchange for a glass or two of wine :slight_smile:

Shame you can’t make it Richy. Hope everything is going ok over on Switzerland.

Anyone who wasn’t there last time, concerned they won’t know which people are the dizzy ones in the pub, ping me a message in my inbox and I’ll send you my mobile number x

Mm - you beat me to it! Was going to. Check we are still meeting! I’m hoping to be there at 6 but my husband may have to pop out so won’t make it until later, will confirm for sure thus afternoon xxxx