Long story made short

I decided to post in this section because amitriptyline came to discussion as the last proposed treatment for my case.

I started to experience neuropathy symptoms back in mid January. I didn’t know what the heck it was but trust me I didn’t believe that something could top vertigo in messing up with your life. This is at least as horrible as vertigo.

My main symptoms were numbness (paresthesias), mild weakness, and tingling, mostly on my arms and legs.

Went to the neurologist thinking I was having a stroke, he made the usual tests: strength, reflexes, he came up with the neuropathy stuff, prescribed me Lyrica. As you may imagine I came to the net to check on both… And as many of us dizzy people think on Meniere’s or worse, when reading about our condition, instead of something milder, I came up reading about Guilaume Barré Syndrome, and even worst ALS…

I freaked out, took my first Lyrica, and I went back to dizzy land, after being able to manage my vertiginous condition. The remedy was worse than the disease… Then when I read that the medication was mainly given for fibromyalgia, and mostly to treat pain, I just couldn’t handle it, and freaked out.

Went with an internist, friend of mine and he told me that even as Lyrica could be a good decision, my anxiety and stress were so high, then he also told me that the time for Lyrica to both get the desired effects, and to your body to get used to it’s side effects, could be in the rank of weeks, he advised me to treat my panic crisis first, and deal with that later.

I didn’t even knew how I got into it, but I did, sleeping for 3 hours or less daily, waking up in the middle of the night, and you know all the usual stuff, with the final act of going to the ER room, not once, but twice with a “heart attack”, obviously both of them fake heart attacks, made the picture clear for me and I decided to follow the clonazepam path proposed to me by the internist friend.

I’ll cut the story here, and go into detail through your feedback but, now, after a month of 6 drops 2-0-4, daily, my friend decided to switch to amitriptyline, to avoid the long term dependency of clonazepam.

But he wants me to do the change right away, but I’m a little nervous about what I’ve read about the abstinence syndrome.

Does anyone has experience in how to gradually make the change, a week maybe two weeks? My doctor is confident in the quick exchange, but I’m not so sure.

And on the other hand I’ve read lots of amitriptyline side effects too, and I do remember Scott’s vast experience with these kinds of drugs, so I also wanted to ask what to expect. I was prescribed 25 mg daily one tablet at night.

Any feedback is very much appreciated.

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Yes, sorry.

So… any input on the subject?

I will add that, I did take some stuff for the neuropathy: B-12 and B-1 vitamins(5 shots), and one betamethasone shot. But I didn’t feel better until after two days of my last vitamin shot.

Also, to be precise, it wasn’t my internist friend who suggested the change from clonazepam to amytriptiline, it was another internist, recommended to me by my sister, because he is a Fibromyalgia expert. He agrees with my friend (the other doctor), in the fact that my anxiety and stress are so high, that they might be the real problem underneath. He discarded Fibro right from day one, and even suggested that the EMG might be wrong…

Not even MAV gave me this kind of stress, and it’s my first time EVER with anxiety/antidepressants/and related drugs. I always kept myself away from them, but this time it was too much to handle, so I gave it a shot.

More Info: I endures the torture that is an EMG test, just picture needles inserted in your muscles, not tiny acupuncture kind, but a two part shot and deep insertion into the muscle kind of torture. The results showed some “leftovers” from a Polyneuropathy of (I love this) unknown origin/etiology.

In other words, I had something wrong, I was already recovering from it, but nobody knew why I developed the condition(Vertigo DejaVu all over again for me), specially because of my strength, reflexes, and how does all of them look under a doctor’s examination. Up to the point that the Fibro-expert was dubious about the test, mostly because of how I tested and that I was practically symptom free(typical, and you took one step out of the doctor’s office and you feel ill…) during my appointment with him.

Why I’m considering the change of meds, and with it some advice from you fellow boarders? here are the answers:

1- Because both me and the new doctor think that a long treatment with clonazepam could give me more trouble than benefits, down the road, mainly because of the addiction potential.

2- From what I’ve read amytriptiline can help both with the “emotional stuff”, and also with the pain. Something clonazepam can’t. This, combined with the fact that amytriptiline is not potentially addictive, as clonazepam is.

Why I’m nervous about the change?

1- Easy: Both because of the fear of the potential withdrawal effects from clonazepam, and also because of some of the multiple, and scary side effects of amytriptiline.

I know I might be overreacting here but I wanted some fresh opinion on the subject.

Thank you very much