Long term SSRI users

I’m just curious as to how long some of you have been on an SSRI. I’ve been on Lexapro for almost a year, just tried to go off but no such luck. I’m worried I’ll have to be on this stuff long term and concerned about long term effects. Never in a million years did I think I’d have to be on meds for my migraines and now battling MAV. So discouraging!

I have been on SSRIs for almost 3 years. I’ve gained 30 pounds, so I understand the weight gain frustration. I am doing well now that I’m on 150 mg Topamax and down to 2.5 mg Lexapro, and hope to be completely off very soon–you may just need to try another drug category to get your migraine under control.

Have you tried anticonvulsants? Or if you’d like to stick with SSRIs, how about Prozac? That one did not cause the weight gain for me, but it did ‘energize’ me too much and I felt jittery so I switched to Lexapro.

I also didn’t think I’d ben on meds like this, and didn’t want to be on meds, especially an antidepressant. But Celexa quite literally gave me my life back, and my sons their mother back, and I wouldn’t change anything–even the weight gain–for that. Yay for pharmaceuticals!! :smiley:

I have been on one form or another (Prozac or Paxil) since 1991. I don’t have nearly the side effects I had from Ami when that was all there was to treat panic disorder.