Longest Remission Period

I have heard that some people will have periods of time that their migraines go into remission even without medicine. I am wondering if anyone with MAV has ever gone into remission without any meds and if so for how long. Anybody?


I had a 2 week remission period a year ago or so. But never after that. It was during hot dry summer weather. Now I’m waiting for a remission period on meds… huge improvement from the “old days” but not in remission yet.

I’ve had a couple of 2 week remission periods right after coming off an SSRI. Other than that it’s been chronic for 7 years. :shock:


Back in May 2010 I had a good month and a half where I had no MAV symptoms. I’d just returned from two weeks holiday and It was a very quiet time at work where I was mostly in the office. Then in June it got very busy again, i was working irregular hours and overtime doing lots of travelling round the uk and the MAV returned. Since then I’ve had times where I’m almost better with hardly noticeable dizziness and times where it’s much worse. It often reflects the quieter and busier times at work. As my workload always gets quieter or busier at the same time each year I can see when I’m more likely to be tired and therefore more dizzy as tiredness is a trigger for me.


I had eight years where I was 90%-95% with no medicine. This makes sense to me because I first dealt with MAV for two years after my car accident, then it faded. It hit again in my mid-thirties, as migraine often will for women.

i had 3-4 decent almost normal months last winter. before that i was well for several months in the summer and the winter EVERY year and now it’s chronic.


I just wish I could have a one week holiday from this MAV stuff. I have felt sick practically every day. It has been almost five months since this all started for me, which is nothing compared to most of the people on this forum. It is really encouraging that some of you have had your symptoms go into remission especially for such a long period of time. Perhaps I will eventually get my holiday…


Hi Ryan,

I’ve had very long periods of remission - years in fact. However, prior to my last ‘crash’ (about 2 years ago) the periods of remission were getting shorter and shorter. I am currently doing well on Prothiaden but am trying to get off it due to side effects. Two nights ago I dropped from 125mg to 100mg. So far so good! Here’s hoping I’m in remission and can get off the meds.


ummmm . . . . . maybe four hours of remission? Seriously, I’ve been feeling motion sick for 24/7 most of my adult life with very little relief. And then the vertigo kicked in 4 years ago. My last severe rotational hours long attack in which I couldn’t move 1/4 of an inch was a little over 6 months ago so I guess one could say I’ve been in remission from vertigo for 6 months but the carsick feeling is always there.

I seem to be a little different than everyone else in that I can’t say I was dizzy for three weeks or three months and then it went away and then it came back 6 months later. I don’t seem to ever have had a time when it is not there, not can I give a time when it started, seems it has always been there.

However, I will say that since being dairy free and gluten free for the last 12 months I have been somewhat better. There have been periods of time when I have been able to say that I feel good and maybe the beast is gone, but then I will move my head the wrong way and motion sickness will come back. I am definitely feeling in better general since the diet change, there are finally times when I feel okay (my four hours of remission) but still, any kind of the motion triggers or light triggers or head movements etc that I have always had are still there brining me back to reality.


I suppose I was pretty lucky in that I had about six years of remission, most of it totally drug free - though have to say it feels more like unlucky that it’s come back after such a long period of normality!

I was really ill to the extent that I couldn’t work for about a year, I’d just started trying to “crawl” back to work and a few weeks in it just, well, went!. I woke up feeling normal. Stayed on the Pizotifen, which I attributed my recovery to, for about a year and then weaned it off with no probs.

Pretty sure my current relapse was triggered by a glandular fever tye illness I had a year or so ago, didn’t see it at the time, but with hindsight was getting more frequent fatigue, headache and weird and wonderful symptoms before I slipped into the old familiar continuous symptoms about six months ago.

So it can happen! (I just with I could remember how…)

I am with you Book, never really had what I could call a remission. Had the odd half a day when I felt near normal and thought I could conquer the world but it didnt last long enough :frowning:


When the condition first became chronic…i had 2 days of close to normal, then the symptoms came back.


The best I get is a day or two here and there now.

14 years free of the bugger, between age 23 and 37. Since its return at 37, I’d say a year’s my longest dizzy free period with one or two six monthers. However, most of last year and this it’s been only the odd month or so and I still have a sort of background dizziness e.g when drying my hair ( head movements)