Longest time on Nortriptyline

I am going to start taking Nortriptyline (actually I am going to take the brand name Pamelor). For those of you that are or were on Nortriptyline, what is the longest time you have been on it? In addition, was your experience good or bad with it? Any adverse side effects?


what dose are you starting at? My very first neuro suggested it, but the psychiatrist I was seeing at the time said it wouldn’t help my anxiety (which was a big part of my problem). I sorta wish I would have tried it as I read many stories of it helping both migraine and anxiety.
Good luck! It’s been quite helpful for many.

He has me starting at a very low dose (10mg) and then adjust upwards after a couple of weeks. I prefer starting really low and moving slowly. Hopefully I can find the right spot without going too high? Are you on anything right now Kelley?


I’m on the Amitriptyline sister drug of nori and Ive been on it about a month now. I have taken it for four months before the side effects for me are dry mouth , eyes and dry skin . Also libido is affected. Other than that I’ve been fine on it Im on 12.5 mg now and planning to go up to 20mg by next week I hope I dont turn into a zombie though ! X

I was on it for ten months. I started at 10 mg and got up to 30 mg which was a therapeutic dose for me. I would say it took four or five months until I got the full benefit from it. My side effects were loss of libdo and weight gain. It was also sedating, which I didn’t realize unil I went off it. Great for people who need help sleeping at night. Good luck! It worked wonderfully for me!