Looking for a doctor in Denver Colorado

Hi everyone.

Well it’s been just over six months since the 24/7 vertigo started for me. At 36 I feel like my life has ground to a halt. It still feels like each rock or spin sensation is synched to my heartbeat most of the time. A symptom that I thought would narrow thigns down but I guess not. I’ve now seen 11 different doctors and have a tentative diagnosis of MAV by my regular MD. I’ve been taking Amitriptlyine for over 3 months now with no chance and the diet too hasn’t helped a bit. I’m about at the end of my rope. I can’t seem to find anyone here that can help me or really knows about MAV. I’ve seen MDs, ENTs, Cardiologists - the list goes on…

Does anyone know of a good doctor here in Denver area that is knowledgable in MAV treatment that I can see? I just keep thinking that I would be able to deal with this much better if I had some help, some support from a doctor that knew what they were talking about.

Thanks all & very happy holidays to each and every one of you!


you can check this out: vestibular.org/

You could also consider a telephone consultation with Dr. Hain. He is in Chicago but does telephone appointments. I did that a while back. It was a bit expensive (I think $300) but I thought it was worth it. He basically confirmed the diagnosis and confirmed a treatment plan. I emailed him once or twice early on and then found a Dr closer to home. Good luck.