Looking for an explanation to aura

Hi everyone, I know this subject has been covered before but when I did a search it discussed several threads about migraine aura but not the “migraines 101” question I have. What exactaly is an aura" I have this issue where if I turn my head to look back over my shoulder and look too far, when I look back I have these strage flashes in my vision, almost like camera lightbulbs flashing everywhere.These can last for a couple of minutes to an hour. Also, at times, especially in the morning, my vision is really fuzzy. When I try and clear my vision is takes a few hours for the fuzzy to wear off, is fuzzy vision also a MAV thing? Sorry to sound like such a newbie, I am not scared, just need educated. I have a totally trashed vestibular system from menieres, but really have been wondering about these vision things such I have been dx’ed with the gift of MAV as well.


I think the best place to take the course migraine 101 is through a book called Heal Your Headache by David Buchholz, M.D. you can get it through Amazon.com

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Not only does it do a good job explaining the dynamics of a migraine in layman’s terms, but it also does a very good job helping you learn what you can do to help yourself in terms of lifestyle and the famous migraine diet.

I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of this book, it was the start of my education into this MAV mystery monster.


P.S. Regarding your symptoms, i was certainly fuzzy, pretty much all the time, and I suffered from flashing lights, mostly at night, but i had a lot of other confirming symtoms, making MAV a no-brainer. What other symptoms do you have?

Thank you Julie, I will order a copy of the book.

I am a patient of Dr. Hain’s and he has , for a very long time, tried to convince me that I have menieres AND MAV and until recently I didn’t beleive him. I have no headaches, zero, zilch. Seems you can have all the symptomns of migraines but with no headache. Who knew? I have constant imbalance, and not really spinning vertigo just the sensation that I am all of the sudden on a REALLY tall rollercoaster head straight down at 100 mph. I also am REALLY sensitive to lights, have HUGE issues with flourescent lighting and too much movement of my surroundings. Crowded places set me spinning, my eyes don’t know where to focus. Loud noises can get it started as can being too hot or too tired. MSG and any dairy products are a no-no for me as well, it makes me dizzy. In the goggle test I had in June, the doctor said my nystagumus looked like classic migraine. I decided to just go with him on this, and to take the verapamil he has been wanting me to take, and although I am a baby and take only 60 mgs (the 120 mgs kick my behind and make me REALLY tired) the verapamil seems to be helping as much as it can with the baby dose I am taking.

I have had a total of 4 ear surgeries to try and help with menieres and I am DONE with surgery…no more for me, so now I am trying to educate myself on migraines and see if I can’t really help myself by doing what I am supposed to do as far as migraines.

Yes, those DO sound like typical MAV symptoms and you happen to be in the best of hands. Dr. Hain is very well thought of within the MAV world. I am also a Hain patient, by telephone consult and i would take his word on it.

It doesn’t sound like you can do much reading, or i would suggest that you read some stories of other posters and see how similar your symtoms are.

I had classical migraine as a young adult but have absolutely no pain now, just rocking, which was violent a year ago - i was bedridden from it. my balance was so bad i felt like the scarecrow.

That rollercoaster sensation, i have never heard of, has anybody else? that must be horrible! But nothing is outside the reaches of this MAV monster, nothing!

Crowded places and loud noises - typical. A year ago i would try to hide in a closet to try to get away from the noises, until figured out even closets were noisy. the sounds of my husband walking across the floor would send my head from one side of the pillow to the other, as if someone had slapped me across the face.

MSG is a BIG no-no with migraineurs.

we are ALL babies when it comes to meds. I have never taken the full dose prescribed to me. I cut the Topamax into 1/4 and titrated up that way, instead of the full table prescribed. Dr. hain told me that we have over-excitable brains, so of course we are over-sensitive to meds.

A year ago I thought I would die in that bed for not even being able to eat, i even considered suicide because of the agony i was in - the environment was whipping around so quickly i would keep my eyes closed all day, the floor beneath my feet was moving so fast I could barely stand - it was a life not worth living and i was only getting worse, by the day. I woke each morning thinking, Sh-t, what horrible thing is going to happen today, and i would count the hours until it was time to drug myself to sleep again.

I have gone from being bedridden to walking 3+ miles a day. I am up all day. I can read :smiley:

I go to sleep naturally, wake up refreshed and look forward to each day, even though I am far from cured. I am still limited to being mostly in the house. I can drive only short distances and i do take a hit from it. But i take joy from the things I CAN do. And what a new perspective on life! Take a look at page 5 on this forum, the thread: Has MAV taught you a new way?

Anyway, I hope I haven’t digressed too much. In short, it is my humble opinion that you are at the right place, and you have a GREAT doctor! So, WELCOME! Good luck with your verapamil. Has Dr.Hain suggested any other preventatives?


P.S. Besides being one of the nicest men i’ve ever met, Dr. Hain is easily the best doctor I’ve ever had the privilege of being a patient of.

— Begin quote from “Shedizzy”

Thank you Julie, I will order a copy of the book.

I have constant imbalance, and not really spinning vertigo just the sensation that I am all of the sudden on a REALLY tall rollercoaster head straight down at 100 mph.

— End quote

I have experienced something similar to this. I used to refer to it as a rushing sensation, as if I was in a race car leaving the starting line at full throttle. I expereinced an 18 month constant “dizzy spell” before finally being diagnosed. During that time, I frequently expereinced what I called a rushing sensation.


I’ve heard other people talk about G forces. Brian, would you call that rushing sensation G forces?

'ive had Gforces when my mav is really bad.
pushing foward or to the side.
roller coaster I wonder if this could be similar to the Alice in wonderland syndrome ,feeling of down the rabit hole???
probably not. its sounds more like vertigo.

some call that an aura that’s all.
and can be a part of migrain.

Thanks everyone - I love the G force saying, that works for me! I have also called it the invisible hand pushing me, but G force sounds much better.

Julie - Is it topamax that made such a drastic change in your well being? Interesting comments about driveing, I can drive but highways REALLY mess with me, and I am the world’s WORST passenger, I see things that aren’t there, my vision is all jumpy in a car.

Brian - Is it verapamil working for you? Has it made a difference?

Jen - Yes the rabbit hole! It does feel like that! Good analogy.

Thanks for all your comments, I have only in the past month or so found this site and I find it to be REALLY educational and supportive.



Neurontin helped calm my body down (not my head like benzo does). It also took ALL of the aura away and i had a LOT - everything you could think of. The only person who could out-beat me aura-wise would be Jen.

Klonopin helped tremendously with the vertigo. Got me out of bed and walking down the driveway.

Topamax got me up all day and walking 3+ miles.

Hain is keeping me on all three. I need all three, but Klonopin and Topamax have done the most. I would not want to give up either one of them at this point.

I’m also on Effexor but at 37.5 it’s doing nothing.