Loss of feeling in legs

Hi - I havent had a MAV diagnosis yet but am going through the motions after an initial diagnosis of Atypical Menieres but without any of the results of tests to support it. I have had chronic dizziness with attacks of vertigo since January this year with a few episodes over the last two years or so.
I am due to see a neurologist hopefully in a few weeks and am thinking about all the things that have happened to me over the last couple of years or more and have a question.
About 6 or so months ago, I got out of bed in a hurry and collapsed on the floor having no feeling at all in my left leg. I didnt have pins and needles and had no idea until I tried to put my weight on the leg that it wouldnt hold me. This resulted in a severe sprain that put me out for a few months.
Since then I have had times when my legs feel like they arent working properly, or feel really heavy. Its different to the imbalance and the staggering around like I am drunk routine. Its more that they are weak, almost jelly like.
Has anyone else experienced anything like this? :?:

Hi Kitty

Some migraineurs experience ataxia during episodes of vertigo or headache. Sometimes the episodes just come out of nowhere without a headache or vertigo. There is a specific condition called episodic ataxia which is very rare - it is highly unlikely you have that - the ataxia is often very severe. It shares a lot of features in common with MAV and may have a similar cause in the brain.

A neurologist would be someone to see about this. If it hasnt happened since, hopefully it was just a one off.


I can’t say I know any answers Kitty but I know what you mean about the weak legs. I get that a lot - it’s as if they won’t hold me up. I’ve always put it down to my balance system not working in a coordinated way and it’s certainly a fluctuating thing - worse some days than others. I’d be interested to hear what your neurologist has to say.


Hi Kitty

I get weak legs, but most noticeably I do suffer from some paralysis with some of the migraines I get, particularly so if they are with aura. When I am like that I would have to sit or lay down as I cannot physically move.

Generally, if I have a migraine my legs feel like lead weights - I’ve had a really bad migraine today and just managed to get into work, each step is taxing and it feels like I could collapse, but despite that feeling I never have. Standing and walking when you are dizzy and with migraine is very challenging. I think it is the sheer exhaustion and anxiety that can also make your legs feel that way too. I know that the best way to deal with it is to rest - but it is not always an option for me.

Maybe follow Adam’s excellent advice to see a neurologist just to get some reassurance - that is important in itself.

Take care.