Loss of taste--is this part of "dry mouth"?

I’ve been on nortriptyline for almost two months now, with the only side effect I can tell being tiredness. (Or is it just my usual fatigue but a bit worse? Hard to tell.)

But in the last few days, my sense of taste (and smell) has diminished by at least half. I wouldn’t say my mouth feels dry, but it feels a little funny somehow, and I have no wish to eat dry food such as crackers, bread, etc.

I’ve lost ALL sense of taste and smell two or three times in the past year or two, but only when I had colds. (I knew it was TOTALLY gone when I couldn’t smell the Vicks Vapo-Rub!)

I don’t have a cold now. So am wondering if it’s a delayed side effect of the nori. I have been at the full prescribed dose of 50 mg for a month already, so why would it just start now?

Anyone else had taste/smell or dry-mouth trouble with their drugs?



I take a very low, 10mg dose of amitriptyline and it causes dry mouth. When I raised the dose to 20mg it was very bad dry mouth. I was having trouble swallowing meds and I noticed that my taste was off a bit. Everything tasted bland.

nancy is it helping u at all? i get dry mouth with nori that comes and goes but never had the taste thing?

Hi Tracy, thanks for the reply. Yes, things taste quite bland, that’s a good description of it.

Hi Sarah–I think it’s still too early to tell if the nori is helping. I think perhaps it is–I don’t get so dizzy at work and I have only had a couple of the times where I start to feel suddenly worse, with lightheadedness and a spacy feeling. Oddly, both times were after eating when I had not eaten for a longer time than usual.

So very possibly the nori is reducing whatever migraine events I was having, and my brain has been able to compensate a bit. But it’s really too soon to be sure. Could be other factors at work here.

I still feel tired, especially in the mornings when I get up–maybe due to the effect of taking the nori at night. I do think it has a sedative effect on me, but during the day my head feels OK.


I’ve also experienced dry mouth and a change in tastes of some foods and drinks. Anything carbonated especially, milk and some foods taste a little bland.

Hi Brookie, thanks for the reply. Sorry you are experiencing this, too.

Although certainly this ranks extremely low on the “misery” scale (unless you are a foodie)… it’s just weird.

I can still only half-taste things, and in fact it seems worse today. Still no cold symptoms. Maybe it’s just old age, or oncoming Alzheimer’s, which with my bad memory wouldn’t surprise me a bit!

On the plus side (not to be confused with plus size), maybe I’ll finally lose some weight! :slight_smile: