Lots of articles and papers on MAV and anxiety!

I have discovered a way of uploading all my MAV academic/research papers (including lots on anxiety and MAV) using Google docs, thus enabling anyone who would like to view them to do so. This might be particularly useful to those of us discussing anxiety as it pertains to MAV at the moment.

If you click on docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B1B89k … YjI2&hl=en you can view the docs (but not edit, delete them etc).

Only recently discovered Google docs -seems a bit fab.

Let me know if it works/doesn’t work!

And don’t read them all at once.

Dizzy Izzy

Dizzyizzy - this is GREAT!!! Thanks for sharing it.


Great work Dizzyizzy,

Feel free to add any of these that aren’t already in the Literature archive here:


Best … Scott

Thanks Dizzyizzy.


Silly me didn’t realise there was a whole archive here! I can see I have lots more to read now. But feel free to add any of my ones to the board archives if they’re not there already.

Hi dizzyizzy,

I have a hard drive full of articles on MAV and migraine. One day when I have some time, I must get ALL of them into the archives. I want this forum to be THE place to get the low down on this disease (and I mean evidence/science-based stuff) and how to keep MAV locked up behind bars. I’ll have a good look through your list soon. I think I spotted a bunch in there I haven’t yet read. Knowledge is the number one weapon against this IMHO. When you understand it, how it works, and how to wrestle it to the ground, it gives peace of mind – to me anyway.


totally agree - although as I’m sure you know just because it’s published and peer reviewed and all that it doesn’t mean it’s good science. I just wish I had a sharper brain when it comes to knowing a good study from a not-so-good one. And I’m sure some people fudge their results to fit their theories.