**loud movies**

This weekend I went to a movie, something I rarely do. The coming attractions were very disturbing----lots of action—and the level of volume was so high! It seemed to be blasting and was un-comfortable.
The movie began and it seemed more acceptable in volume but it took me at least 15 minutes to adjust to the movie.
Years ago this would scare me but now I know it is part of the “package deal”, as I call it.
i’m just so curious to know if anyone else watching the show was as uncomfortable as I was but no way to tell.
I used to get migraines from movies but now medicine helps so that does not occur. Sometimes I may still need a Tylenol .


ya know what… I have always felt that way about movies…since I was like 16. They bother me quite a bit and I have always worn ear plugs when I go. Maybe that was a precurser…


movies can be difficult for me as well. the combination of noise and visual stimulation can be intense. i saw “the incredibles” a couple of weeks ago. it was so great, but i was feeling a bit queasy in the beginning. it was totally worth it.


Yes, I wore earphones, too, to the movies recently. It helped, but only a little bit.***I have discovered I do better in a theater with a smaller screen and sometimes that one is not so loud. :slight_smile:


I don’t seem to have a problem with the sound in the movies but a problem with how dim it is and the largeness of the screen. I think it must confuse the vestibular system.

Im ok at home in a bright room with regular breaks I can usually finish watching a film in around 2 hours.

I haven’t noticed anything to do with the sound though.

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Spinningtop. :wink:

Hello and thanks for replying to my initial post.


Hi raven,

You are most welcome for the response to your post. I hope things are getting better for you.

Each day is a hassel but we will get there.

Blessed Be