Louise's story

Well thats good to know. I’ll try not to feel inadequate for not breastfeeding! :joy:

Well done both of you for being mum to babies with Mav… and congratulations to you springer for the impending birth of your little one … very exciting. Surrogacy is such a lovely thing.

I love that you have already planned for it… the occasional night nanny is a good idea.

Oh I’m completely on board with hormones being a major trigger. I’m dizzy this week - more than usual - and guess what time it is! Head intolerance the worst.

Good advice Louise. Kirsty is right, you seem so clever about ways to manage. I go from calm to panicked very easily, I need your control.

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Aww thank you, I was exactly the same as you for the first 6 years, I’ve needed a lot of help to get to where I am now. From neurologists, my GP, physiotherapists and psychologists! How long have you been suffering with VM?
Sorry to hear you’re having a flare-up, I must be absolutely crazy because I’m thinking of coming off the pill to try for another baby :see_no_evil: I used to have terrible flare-ups during ovulation and during my period so I’m wondering if I can just be very careless with my pill to still reep the benefits of it and just hope for the best! :joy::person_shrugging: Have you considered taking meds that can control your hormones?

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I wouldn’t say I’m having a flare up as such … I cycle through the month like this always.

Like you, during ovulation and period. Lucky us. Not many days in between.

I’m totally off pizotifen now and on Ajovy which is great for headaches. Probably good for VM.

I had it now close to 2 years. A life changing moment in time really.

Do it! Don’t let this stop you living your life


Thank you Belinda. I just pray I’m well enough to cope! Though I suppose we’re built to just get through these things, right. I know what you both mean about the monthly flares. My period has not properly arrived in about 3 months now. So strange, and im in bed with dizziness, fatigue and anxiety. Taking progesterone to try to bring it on, as recommended by my endo. Feels like its never ending being a woman with this!!

I agree, don’t let this stop you from living your life! We can get through a lot more than we think, and be proud of ourselves when we look back. Plus you might get the lovely MAV break again with another pregnancy!

Which brand of pill are you taking? The normal or mini version? I think im going to give it a go soon to see if I get a break from monthly fluctuations and a regular bleed each month. Did you find it helped?

Well I came off the pill last Saturday but I was taking the mini pill. It helped me sooooo much, it was a godsend not having any fluctuations at all. It’s very odd now that I’m not taking it, just waiting to see how I cope with ovulation and a period! Unless I get pregnant quickly and go straight to having a dizzy-free pregnancy :joy::crossed_fingers::joy:
I would 100% recommend the mini pill, so you’d take 1 tablet every day with no break. I didn’t have a single period while taking it for the last 4 years

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Thanks Louise. I will consider it. Keeping fingers crossed for you for a swift positive test result!

Thank you :relaxed::crossed_fingers:

I agree with the hormone situation. Mysymptoms worsened/became debilitating after I started menopause in 2018. Every time there is a shift or change with my menopause, I get an attack. My stuff originally started after a surgery in 2008. I have had six surgeries since that time and ecery time after, I get an exacerbation. I just had ny last surgery on Juky 11th, and two weeks later, I am down. I do not know what it is about surgery that triggers me, but…

Thank you for posting your success, Louise. I did not know there was such a thing as neuropsychologists.

I cannot take medications, so I am hoping by following your list here I can experience some relief.

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Wow it’s been a long time for you, I hope some of the tips work :crossed_fingers: :slightly_smiling_face:

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