Low Blood Sugar

I recently found out that I have low blood glucose. I’m not sure how long I’ve had this and I’m wondering if it can be the root cause to my MAV. Does anyone else have this problem?

I have always had a problem with hypoglycemia. And now, yes I consider it to be one of my biggest triggers a long with being tired/ lack of sleep. If I go to long without eating or get too hungry , my symptoms get bad and I get a huge headache . So I have to make sure I eat every few hours.

Elisha, I have been diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia. I have had MAV for over 20 years and the hypoglycemia does play its part on bringing on headaches along with other nasty symptoms, but although it contributes, I dont feel its the root cause of MAV.


Thanks you’ll. I don’t think I’ve had a problem with low blood sugar until recently, when all this came on. I will be sure to mention this to my Neuro when I go on the 14th. Do any of you’ll take meds for your hypoglycemia? I also wonder if Cymbalta could be a factor.

Hi Elisha,

Low blood glucose is not the “cause” per se; your genes are. But if you suffer from hypoglycemia this could definitely be a significant trigger, you might want to look into adopting a low glycemic index diet to keep your blood glucose steady and stop the peaks and troughs after eating a meal. Also eating small meals frequently can help stop the drops.

Let me know if you want to know more about the GI. I was working in the field for about 7 years and wrote my thesis on it.

Cheers … Scott

Wow Scott, thanks so much. I’m going to work on better dietary habits. I don’t eat very large meals often but if I do I feel hungry very quickly. That must me a “crash”. I’m also going to work on adding more small snacks in like apples and grapes. Is the problem with low blood sugar the “crashes”?

Try and make your small snacks include protein. Fruit on its own is not the best thing.


Thanks Christine, I will do that. I looked up the low GI as suggested by Scott and I’m going to be really adamant about following it. I can’t help but think the Cymbalta has caused this as I have never really had a blood sugar problem before!

Hey hypoglycaemia! Ok eat protein, protein, protein! Avoid carbohydrates, particularly processed ones. I’ve reintroduced them but I have brown rice, wholemeal pasta and sourdough grainy/wholemeal/rye breads. I don’t tend towards cake, pastry and bread-based diet, anyway, and when i eat those I need to eat again very soon. A lunchtime sandwich is paper in a fire; it will last twenty minutes as fuel.

Full fat dairy is important… skim anything is a nutrition bitch, sweet on the surface but it takes you for a ride in terms of proper paced energy. Fat content in dairy and meat is nutritionally important. Meals with whole food as opposed to skim/lo-fat/processed and liquid shakes etc give you blood sugar as a product of the digestive process so the level of sugar in the blood is paced and does not rollercoaster.

If i have fruit, which is rare but i’m reintroducing it as there are beautiful fruits where i live, i have it with bircher muesli and yoghurt as a snack to tide me over. The muesli must have a high proportion of seeds, nuts compared to fruit. Snack on nuts, seeds and wholemeal crackers. If you have a sweet tooth, remember it is not a meal, it is a groovy treat that must be followed by a meal containing protein within 15-20 minutes. Eating sugar in any form, lactose, fructose, glucose etc swings your blood sugar like a roller coaster. If you must have it, reverse the dominant paradigm and have dessert FIRST. Then have a meal.

Oh and I find potatoes are just pure starch (sugar) and often can’t have them, unless they are just there with my meal rather than comprising a nutritional slice of the pie. Sweet potato is actually better than potato. Pumpkin and corn are similar so when i want them, I add them to a better planned meal, rather than thinking of them as a major nutritional part. I eat heaps of leafy vegetables and salad, and a varied diet. Avocadoes, cheese and tofu can be good protein sides/snacks if you like them. If I have a salad morning tea it will have tuna, sardines or sliced meat of some kind.

I AM CARNIVORE! Many’s the hungry time i’ve almost speared a small dog or infant in desperation… sorry parents i do love children (and have never eaten a whole one). Some days i walk into the staff lunch room and tell everyone to keep a close eye on their plate cos i’m ravenous. I’m 5 foot and maybe 45 kg and eat more anyone in the office at lunchtime. I must eat every 2 hours…other hypoglycaemics maybe up to 4 hours. I do spend heaps of time in the kitchen but you can develop a good routine for work lunches and snacks.

Experiment! Have fun with your food and it will love you back. :smiley:

You might want to reconsider brown rice. It’s high GI and will send your blood glucose right up there within 30-45 minutes. Choose basmati or japonica rice instead.


Thanks, Scott. I forgot to check back. Surprised about brown rice! Thought being a wholegrain it’d be lower. Good to know!