Low-grade learning experience

I gave myself a small relapse over the last two days, reminding myself of why the diet is worth sticking to. Saturday night, an old friend selected a deli as the place he wanted his birthday celebration. Hokay, I figured there would be something legit on the menu. I selected the diet burger plate: a burger of freshly ground meat, a scoop of low-fat cottage cheese, a fruit salad, and a veg. I specified no citrus or tropicals in the salad, but was told it’s pre-mixed.

No prob: I passed the pineapple chunks on to someone who appreciated them. However, the veg turned out to be tabbouleh, like the various entrees I had decided against. I should have spoken to the waitress right off–hell, I should have stopped her when she took my order and didn’t describe the day’s veg or choice of veg. Instead, I nibbled at the tabbouleh, trying to work around the raw onion. Hah! Besides, I’d forgotten that the stuff also contains lemon juice. Then again, maybe the perfect cylindrical cross-section of ground beef had that shape not because they used a form but because it came out of a package, possibly adulterated.

All right. So I had an uncomfortable night, and not the best of days following. (I’d also swum perhaps a little much that morning.)


**: I don’t know whether I was reacting to lemon, to raw onion, to old meat, or to msg. I could have tried one at a time, but because this happened adventitiously I learned a lot less than I might have.

Then yesterday afternoon, we had people over to sing, and broke at 6 PM for a potluck. I steered clear of the dish with cheddar and the one with feta. However, I did eat the one containing fresh mozzarella, home-grown herbs, and zucchini. Yum! I’d been meaning to reintroduce fresh mozzarella into my diet, provisionally. However, once again, an unthinking mistake: another friend brought a salad of small-leaf lettuces, colorful and delicious. I indulged in that quite a bit. And then. Then. Then, when about to have my umpteenth mouthful, I realized that the dark speckles meant her homemade dressing included balsamic vinegar.

Once again, a rough night, though not as uncomfortable as the previous one. Logy this morning, but happily a long swim put me back together.

And once again, overdetermination: I learned less than I might have. Sigh.