Low-Humidity Locale helpful?

[size=150]Hi Everyone:

Just wondering : if living in a place with low humidity , maybe Arizona or New Mexico, improves migraine symptoms? [/size]


The only way I could see this making a difference would be if low pressure systems or allergies were a trigger for you. Arizona probably experiences a large degree of high pressure systems (i.e. sunshine) and therefore the weather desn’t change much, and very little in terms of allergy-inducing pollen.


I have always said I should move to Palm Springs !
I am badly effected by low pressure and humidity and storms and live in Florence Italy where all three are rife , especially for the last year since I have had MAV, there have been storms every week ! On clean high pressure days I always feel well.


Yes, Penny, thanks for writing.

I have been noticing that I feel better on low-humidity days. I have folks in Arizona and the weather
there seems healthful. I’ve never read anything about this. I know people move to Arizona when they
have allergies and fare better; however, I’ve never heard of people moving there for improvement of